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Sunday, November 21, 2010

Day the 14th

In which, Gentle Reader, Our Heroine Confesses to Many Shortcomings...

No, I did not run on the rebounder last night. I was just too doggone tired. Yes, yes, I know that if I exercise more, I will have more endurance for the slings and arrows of day-to-day life, etc. But I was tired...

However, this afternoon, I will--I WILL--take a walk in my walking shoes and then I will--I WILL--run on the rebounder or my name isn't Weltha...

I was a little down yesterday because I got on the scales and they didn't say what I wanted them to say. Actually, I have to battle wanting to be thin NOW. And yes, I battle making it all into weight loss instead of good health with concommitant weight control. Very different things, they are.

But...great moments! Last night, I had one slice (a big one, but just ONE) slice of yummish pizza at Poodle's (one of the BFFs), and also the most delicious salad of yellow grape tomatoes and red pepper and colorful and so good. And then we had pumpkin pie and I had one slice. And felt that maybe--just maybe!--I had eaten more than I was comfortable with.

PEOPLE--THIS IS BIG...IT'S HUGE! I love to eat...and have gotten into that bad habit of just eating WAY too much--and the wrong things, in the wrong combination (more about that on another post...) and now, I am back to eating normal sized amounts...and good foods...and good combinations! Later this afternoon, off I go to the wonderful Pei Wei and get steamed edamame.

Anyway, NOTE TO WELTHA--it's not about the scales. It's about being healthy.'s the challenge--I have had one absolutely incredible salad dressing other homemade salad dressings with good ingredients? Please, oh PLEASE feel free to post!

Here's to that rebounder and a walk.

And here is to the Independent Women and Men who are following this blog and going on this journey with me: you are priceless.



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  1. I am so excited for you! Although I haven't been able to follow you daily, know that I will be checkin' in whenever I get a chance and cheering you on! We still need to get you over to D'Novo. It is yummy!


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