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Friday, November 19, 2010

Day the 12th

Who knows? This thing could go viral (or not...)

This is on my break at work so it's quick on a Friday.
  • Talk about a major rush--reading the comments, realizing we have people inspiring other people--and I post on occasion to FB, so there are comments there--just makes my eyeballs wanta fill up with big ol' tears. No seriously, I love the fact that this is doing what I hoped it would--inspiring and encouraging other women at the same time that it is helping me.
  • Some great comments yesterday--Day the 11th--from mojoandkiki and from Kirsten. Thanks you, independent women! mojoandkiki had a killer salad dressing and Kirsten mentioned hemp protein (who knew??)
  • I have been buying clothes. No, I'm not your basic shop-til-you-drop woman, but all of my clothes are falling apart (not wanting to buy expensive new ones in the large economy size, not to mention wearing only jeans and shirts at grad school a few years back) so....I went to WAL*Mart and bought a bunch of great tops and bottoms at rock-bottom prices--the sort of thing that will "grow down" with me until I can wash them and hand them off to Salvation Army. I love those Salvation Army folks, and I am excited that at some point in the future, other women can benefit from my new wardrobe. And it's cheap, cheap, cheap--and cute. I have needed to feel cute as I board the weight-control train...and I do! Woo hoo for the cute!
  • I was a biology major so sometimes, I get a little clinical. Let's put it this way: when you're middle-aged, additives in restaurants (like the ubiquitous MSG) can make desperately to the nearest Women's just a few minutes after a meal. And I don't even want to think about what happens with too much grease...between the yogurt (love those active cultures) and not eating junk, I am not having "out-to-eat-run-to-the-Women's Syndrome."
  • NO, I did not run last night on the rebounder because I got home late after shop, shop, shopping at Wal-Mart. I did buy this thing called Shake Weight--that uses some kind of ergonomic or whatever energy thing...I will report on using it and any results (for arm muscles--and boy, is the woman in the pictures totally cut...) So....tonight...we're going for 3 fast minutes on the rebounder... will post results tomorrow.
  • Went to Pei Wei last night for edamame (no salt--they are salty enough without adding more!) and Pei Wei Spicy Chicken Salad (with extra cilantro because I loooooooooooove it and I think it might be good for me--but mostly because I love it). In my "before" life, I would never relax enough to get the salad because of other "things" in it--this time, I'm enjoying the journey...still, it's a good salad with lots of vegetables in it. And I don't sneeze or get wierd side-effects afterwards so this is a good thing. The sneezing? Food allergies--and that's not a good thing.

Your comments are the best! You're keeping me on track...



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