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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Day the 11th

In which Our Heroine finds...
  • that she can get a little salad of her own making from the cafeteria at work for $2. Now, to start making my own salad dressing again from scratch and bringing it to add to the salad. Not to mention other goodies, such as cooked quinoa or raw sunflower seeds and sliced cucumbers. I always get the celery because it not only is raw and has fiber but it is also alkalyzing in the body. That is so good.
  • that actually jogging on the rebounder is a different animal than just sort of...shuffling (but not off to Buffalo...) and only managed 2 minutes last night but was breathing harder with accelerated heart rate (good thing!) and is going for 3 minutes tonight. Can you say "badly out of shape"? Thought so...
  • that she is enjoying this blog so much that it's more fun than eating M & Ms or chocolate chip cookies or even--dare it be, Reader?--pumpkin cheesecake.

That's pretty much it today--had grapes for breakfast (why? because I like them!) and salad and then yogurt with blueberries, etc. for lunch and later, some carrots which I am going to steam in the microwave (I know, I know...) and some almonds and an apple for the way home.

Here's the dealio...I LOVE eating this way. It's really healthy for me not to be eating later, to be eating raw and unprocessed foods with no additives--and I LOVE IT. That's 75% of the battle--eating food that is good for us, in reasonable amounts, and liking it. Oh, and getting so jazzed about exercise that we have to do whatever it is instead of "Fooey, I have to [run, go to the gym, use the BowFlex]" True story: I had this friend who bought a BowFlex and it sat on his enclosed front porch, being used...3 times?...because his boyfriend didn't like to work out...Hmmmm....I would just say, "Hey, do whatever because girlfriend here is gonna get crunk with the BowFlex...see ya later..." (I have no idea what "crunk" means but I sorta liked it. If I said something terrible, forgive me, and let's move on!)

Every single day, you all are my silent--and sometimes not-so-silent--cheering squad, and I cannot do this without you. So feel free to jump in, tell what you have done that works or doesn't, and not only cheer me to the finish line of good health (and body set-point weight) but cheer each other!




  1. ACTUALLY, I meant alkalynizing and was too lazy to edit it.

  2. You are doing fantastic!!! Fun to read your stuff. I am working on dropping some unwanted pounds too. The kids are all in school, so now is the time. My husband loves p90x(but he is naturally fit, and looks about 29 all the time).
    I will try to read as often as I can. Hemp protein is one of the best you can have. They sell it at Whole Foods (or Alfalfa's) and you add your milk(cow, soy, almond) and some frozen fruit and you have a great protein shake.

  3. I'm reading every day, Weltha...even when I don't comment. I love your blog, and you're wonderful, as always! Love ya!


  4. Just figured out how the see your most recent posts. Been following your facebook links, so thought you only posted once or twice a week, (DUH, Hello, Technology, so nice to meet you.)

    Just wanted to tell you, I have been changing just a little each day, drank tea instead of coke, (not the drug, the cola. Although...hhhmmm.) A vendor came in yesterday and asked if I had lost weight...WHAAAAT!?! I know, right. So Thank You. I guess the ol' camel toe and muffin tops are not as pronounced ( I sure as heck did not wear anything loose and drapey, giggle, giggle, bleh!)

    I have a recipe that is not RAINCH, but still tastes good. It is like the lemon garlic dressing formerly served at Spaghetti Wharehouse, but just a hint of sweet. Read the disclaimer at the end and you can decide how true to the recipe you want to be.

    Lemon Herb Dressing

    1/3 Cup fresh lemon juice (not from concentrate)
    1/3 Cup Raw Honey
    1/3 Cup olive oil (or flax seed oil)
    1 Clove Garlic
    1/2 tsp dried basil, or 1 tsp fresh basil
    1 tsp dried oregano, or 2 tsp fresh oregano
    1 Tbsp red onion, minced
    Celtic sea salt to taste

    Mix ingredients: Marinate several hours in the refrigerator before serving

    (okay, so I do squeeze the lemons, and the honey bear, and I use the dry herbs and run the onion and the garlic through the garlic press. Use affordable olive oil and Morton's sea salt, if you even want to add the salt, which I do not. It still TASTES good and it all ends up in the same place anyway(to be very crude.)...this is especially good in the summer. If it sits in the fridge a while it separates and the olive oil slightly solidifies. just set it on the counter and let it warm up and then shake it. Good as New) Also, have a toothbrush or mint handy...or eat with people who don't care.



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