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Monday, November 22, 2010

Day the 15th

Apparently, my name isn't Weltha...and yes, it's weigh-in day.

Oh, I had the best of intentions to go for a walk outside in our lovely 70-degree weather and then run on the rebounder--and I did neither.

Instead, I hung out at the library and played Mafia Wars on the computer. Yes, that ubiquitous Zynga game on Facebook is my addiction...and I'm a sort of read a book and watch movies kinda girl...

So...I hereby let myself off the hook--I will get to the exercise part of this whole journey soon. For Bob's sake, I have only been at this for 2 weeks! You don't change everything overnight. I have learned that. It's a change here and there and then, things kind of snowball. The more changes you make, the more you can make. I believe this.

So...I want to examine the changes I have made that I can ray-rah myself over:
  • I am OFF soft drinks. No more Coca-Cola. I need to be off. I mean, if I drank one, it wouldn't be the worst thing in the world (it's not like I'm selling crack cocaine to 5th graders...or anyone...) but I feel better when I don't
  • I'm OFF iced tea. I really gave myself a pass on this one--because I don't ever use sugar in regular iced tea--the kind with the caffeine. [Now, I do make this wonderful iced tea from Lipton's (yes, Lipton's) Green Tea With Cranberry and Pomegranate and I do sweeten that with liquid stevia. It's so, so good! And it's good for me!] My point is: I'm off the stuff with the caffeine in it. No, I'm not preaching the gospel of no-caffeine--it's just that I do better without it.
  • Obvious sweets--I'm not having a date with Ben & Jerry, or any of their friends, such as M&M. This is a great thing--could I have a little? Sure. But I'm not right now, because I just don't do so well with sweets. I love them too much.
  • Portion control--I am so pleased with me and the one slice of pizza at Poodle's. Good job, Weltha.
  • More vegetables--more fruit--more raw things--fewer concentrated foods. What's not to love about that?
  • I did get that rebounder out of the closet. That's HUGE, I tell you--HUGE.
  • Drinking a lot more WATER! Now this one takes effort and being conscious of what I'm doing. My quart-size mason jar is sitting right next to me and is now slightly over half full, having just a few minutes earlier been completely full. WTG!!
  • Thinking about and enjoying what I'm eating and how I feel when I eat it. Food should be a celebration--not something that causes anxiety and guilt. If I'm eating too much, I don't feel good! But if it tastes good (that pumpkin pie Saturday night!) then it's great to enjoy it. One piece--great enjoyment and no guilt.

And...the things I believe:

  • If you can only make 2 changes right now--or 1 change--make it. Every change adds up. Better to do 2 things "better," than to wish you could make 10 things right and not do any of them. Giving yourself permission to change habits slowly seems to ensure success in a way that trying to go cold turkey doesn't.
  • Looking at it as "changes" rather than "giving something up" makes a major psychological difference.
  • It's better to eat raw and fresh than count a bunch of calories that involve highly processed and artificial. And it's so much easier.
  • I don't count calories. I don't. I don't have time or energy for it.
  • I eat colorful foods--I mean colorful the way they naturally come (like carrots or blueberries or pumpkin or red bell peppers or edamame) and not the way they have been "colored" to look (like that horrible blue punch I see at the store!)
  • I am gentle with myself. I think, "Would I talk this way to a close friend who was really trying to do better?" If the answer is NO, I don't talk that way to Weltha.

And the part you've been weighting (see what I did there?) for: I'm at 242 this morning. Good job, Weltha. And I feel....good. At work today, I'm planning to take a walking break--yes, I brought those shoes with the curved soles...

And a big shout-out to Sara B--woo hoo on the pregnancy and you GO girl in terms of making changes. I am so happy for you! And thanks to Granny Jean, to Judah, and to Woodstock for the comments, some here on the blog, some by email!

Here is to all the Independent Women and Men! I'll post tomorrow about today.



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  1. 242! Woohoo! Yeah, yeah. I'm sure it's lower now, but I'm a few episodes behind here. Don't ruin the surprise.

    And in honor of you, Weltha, I am not cracking open that Diet Coke that is sitting on my desk calling to me oh-so-seductively. Instead I'll drink the $%^&ing water. One choice at a time, right?


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