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Monday, November 29, 2010

Day the 22nd

And today is...WEIGH-IN DAY.

I "weighed" 243 lbs this morning.

But that's not really what I weigh.

Monday is a bad day for weigh-in. Here's why...I tend to eat later on Sundays, and if I have had anything unusual that holds fluid, it will be on the weekend.

I don't weigh 243. I probably weigh 240 or maybe even 239. Trust me, I know how this works. I'm not getting too hung up on the numbers...because people (and Weltha) see a difference already.

But I hate posting when it looks as if I GAINED a doggone pound last week.

So...I am making TWO is that I will weigh in every other week. That gives more of a chance to see overall progress.

Second, weigh-in will be on Fridays. It's more realistic. Other than that, I am not getting all sorts of excited about it all.

Some of you have contacted me about making your own salad dressings:

Here is how it all works:

Start with an "acid"--you can use vinegar (and if you do, for Bob's sake, please use CIDER vinegar which has some nutrients in it. Don't use junk made with white vinegar--it's only good to clean things...) but I find it too acidifying for the system. We struggle with that in the US...we eat so much protein, we drink carbonated drinks that have acids added to them, and we don't eat alkalinyzing foods. I tend to use citrus juice (from freshly juiced fruits...the canned or whatever stuff is...acidifying)

Add an oil. I use several good sized "glugs" from the bottle to the juice of each fruit. You'll get an idea of how much--and you can always consult a "real" recipe. I always use extra virgin olive oil--much better for you. Please don't use cheap crap or artificial junk. It's bad for your body. You can also use flax seed oil (or combine the two)

I always add fresh-pressed garlic. Yes, you can buy garlic that is in a little jar and is all minced up for you, but fresh-pressed (with a garlic press) is...that's right...better for you.

You can add a sweetener--try to use real foods such as raw honey or agave nectar or brown rice syrup. You can go online and check the glycemic indices [English prof here: Indices is plural of Index] of the ones you're interested in (you want one that raises blood sugar sloooooooooowly so you don't get an insulin rush).

You can add all sorts of herbs and spices. Even a little sea salt.

You can add peanut butter or tahini (sesame seed paste--you can get it in most grocery stores in their Jewish sections) or any raw nut butter. Don't add much. You won't need it.

Whisk the daylights out of it. Use it within a day or two.

Let's recap:

Flavoring in the form of garlic or minced onion (mince a real onion...) or herbs or spices
Thickener/Flavoring if you want it (the nut butters or a good mustard)

YES, it takes time. Real food takes time.

Make it a habit--get other family members involved if you can. [that's the last of my advice! This is an advice-free blog]

Today...a lot of fruit and some yogurt. This is a light eating week--and I am doing this partly because it is Advent...the season before Christmas...and it's a penitential time for me as an Anglican.

No, I'm not going to the's a time of reflection and examination of my life.

No, I'm not preaching at you...but you want to know why I am doing things, I'm sure, so there you have it.

A bit grumpy over the weight thing this weigh in will be THIS FRIDAY and then every other Friday. I'll get over the grumpiness!

Thanks as always for being on the journey with me...I need you more than you know!



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  1. I FORGOT!!! I also throw a little mild oriental (or any other kind!) mustard into Garlic Valhalla. Will repost recipe...promise!


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