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Saturday, November 27, 2010

Day the 20th

Woo and hoo! Tomorrow is 21 days...3 weeks...of this blog, and I love being on here.

Today, I had some more wonderful Greek yogurt with honey and fresh blueberries. And I bought some sunflower-seed butter--organic and natural. I am looking forward to trying this with the ubiquitous raw carrots, etc. I know those carrots and their beta-carotene are good for me. Repeating to myself, beta-carotene is good for you, is good for you, good for you...

Breezed in and out of Mardell's to get an Advent circle with 4 candle-holders, the candles themselves (3 purple and 1 pink for Gaudete Sunday), and a cool Advent calendar. I love this time of year the very best--and have since my childhood.

And then there is the egg nog and the pumpkin cheesecake. We shall have pumpkin cheesecake...oh yes, we shall have pumpkin cheesecake. In fact, Girlfriend here went online and found not one but TWO (and possibly three, because I don't have them with me and I forget...) lovely recipes for pumpkin cheesecake made with "better" ingredients, including silken tofu, which properly doctored up, is a great egg substitute. I am going to test-drive them (because I would never just slap some recipe up here without personally trying it out. That would be terrible of me...) and then post the best one with my own personal doctoring-up to use the healthiest ingredients.

What I love is that a person (Weltha) can determine to eat well and enjoy all the fun of the holidays.

Two things I am noticing:
  1. My joints are moving much better and hurt less--I'm speaking of my knees. When I was in my 30s (stop me if I have told this a time or 17 before) I fell hard on each one in succession, and my doctors said, "Honey, you're going to have arthritis when you get older." Being young and bullet-proof, I pooh-poohed them (I did. I think I actually thought and perhaps even said "Pooh-pooh!") Flash forward...several years later, and bingo! They were so right. Not eating junk makes my joints so much happier.
  2. The schlera (the "white") of my eyes is clearing up and is much whiter. So my eyes, which are a deep blue-green, look much bluer and brighter. I love this. In honor of my blue eyes and my high cheekbones, I cut off my hair just like Emma Watson's. [For the 4 people who don't know who she is, Emma Watson is the young female star of the Harry Potter films, playing Hermione Granger. She is a student at Brown University here in the US, and she just cut her hair off in a jagged little pixie cute, so feminine, so calculated to show up eyes and cheekbones.] Yes, Reader, I cut it OFF. I mean, I went right into the shop, and I showed Whitney the Stylist Emma's pic, and the next thing you know, Girlfriend here was walkin' OUT the door looking really cute and yet, oh-so-charming and feminine.

This is going to be a fairly light eating week...lots of celery and carrots (because I LOVE the celery and if I can just manage to steam those doggone carrots...) and apples and oranges (yes, I am picking them out by hand and not buying a bag of horrible, anemic, tasteless oranges) and some saladage here and there...and water...wonderful room-temperature water. You hear all this buzz about how you lose weight by drinking ice-cold water, but what no one tells you (unless you have gone to Dr. X, my former nutrition guy) is that your body is wasting energy to heat that ice-cold water back up. So...drink room temperature, and your body now has the energy to create health AND to push out the toxins AND to drop the weight.

Tonight, I'm going to watch the DVD for the Shake Weight--apparently, you use it for 6 minutes a day and ultimately, you have great arms (I'm all over this part...the "great arms" part.) AND THEN...I want to get on that doggone REBOUNDER!

I love the Independent Men and Women who are on here with me, and a big shout-out to Dana the Librarian. Woo hoo!



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