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Sunday, November 28, 2010

Day the 21st


And tomorrow is....WEIGH-IN DAY!

Today was... a great day at church with lots of compliments on both my short, short hair (Reader, I cut it.) and also that I looked good, and my friend Woodstock (aka Pinky) said I looked thinner. Big *muahh* to Woodstock (aka Pinky) and also to Scott the Organist who told me that he follows this blog DAILY! I love men who follow my blog!

Scott the Organist reminded me that everything is one day at a time. Years ago, I worked with a woman who said that most of the good things in our lives come about because of what we do every day. So...every day I try to move some and make it a point to eat as many fruits and vegetables as I can. Oh, and drink water. Drink water. I love to drink water...repeat after me...I love to drink water...

Just yesterday, I read that a great way to keep from retaining fluid is to eat foods that have lots of potassium in them, such as bananas (so yummish) and spinach. My closest friends know that I am a fresh and only lightly steamed spinach addict. I love it, and the cool thing about making your own food is that you can make great dressings that are so good on spinach without all the...yuck, like bacon. I love bacon as much as the next man, but it's so bad for me. So...I came up with a way to make a great dressing that has a hint of the flavor without the bacon. I've used this recipe for years...

And although I have said this is not the place to come for recipes, here it is... the famous Garlic Valhalla:

Juice a lime
Extra virgin olive oil--add 3 or 4 "glugs" from the bottle
Organic bbq sauce made with a good sweetener (no high-fructose corn syrup): add about 1 T or a bit more...
1-2 cloves of garlic, pressed into the mix
3 or 4 shakes of Ume plum vinegar (from the health food store...adds some Oriental "whang" and it's so alkalynizing for the body)

Whisk that stuff up and pour what you need on your salad. Good...and good for you! My friend Poodle says that when I put this on a salad, he just wants to plant his face in the bowl. Yes, that good!

I don't tend to use vinegar in dressings except as a condiment. They are too acidic for best possible health. Instead, I use a citrus juice--freshly squeezed. I'm personally partial to lime because it's more bang for the buck.

Back to work tomorrow after a lovely 4-day weekend, in which I relaxed and thought and enjoyed myself. Today is the first Sunday in Advent--and that makes it my favorite time of the year!

Some of my readers observe Christmas, some Chanukkah and some...just celebrate. I'm determining to enjoy the season without getting crazy. One of the things I am doing is limiting myself to two events a week--and making them ones that I find meaningful and enjoyable. Some people can do more--two works for me. So...please post--what are you doing to make the holidays ENJOYABLE?

Thank you a MILLION for joining me on my journey.




  1. How do I get the special organic BBQ sauce, or a near approximation without spending a load of dough &/or making a special trip to a special store? What does your special BBQ sauce have in it? I've been looking for a salad dressing that is convenient & healthy, so any other suggestions you have are welcome, especially for something with a honey/mustard type flavor, but without all the unhealthy stuff.

  2. For all the independent folks who are wondering about salad dressing...Annie's BBQ Sauce can be found at many good grocery stores and it is good ingredients. Rule of thumb on Salad Dressing: use an acid (I prefer citrus juice--freshly squeezed) + extra virgin olive oil. Now...add mustard (I'd use Coleman's dry--it's HOT but you can get it easily) and some honey, and maybe press some garlic, add spices and herbs. Fool around with it--you can make a great dressing so easily. When you're're done!!!


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