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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Day the 17th

Girlfriend here is thankful:
  1. This blog is so much fun
  2. I am feeling better in so many ways
  3. I have wonderful friends
  4. I have work
  5. I have a fun place to go for Thanksgiving tomorrow
  6. I have learned of and am experiencing the Wonderful World of Water (drinking it, that is!)
  7. Coming out of a difficult year, I have found that nothing good or important and valuable gets lost. This is the BIG THING for which I am thankful!

This morning I succumbed to temptation--no, not to a breakfast buffet with bacon and sausage and the chance to load sour cream and high-fructose-corn-syrup sweetened chili sauce on my scrambled eggs and then drown 25 pancakes [people...I speak in hyperbole...I am a language and literature major--my Master's] in enough Aunt Jemima to float the Titanic.

No, I succumbed to the great temptation of anyone who wants to lose weight:

I got on the scales.

My goal has been to weigh one time a week only. But of course, temptation being what it is, and the cats not jumping in to yell, "No, no, don't DO IT!!", I hopped on.

And wished I had not. My "weight" was up. Boo hoo, I thought. How can I blog and then say, "Hey blog readers, I am gaining weight!"?

Except I'm not. I am, for some reason, holding a bunch of fluid. How did I know? I put my amber ring on my left middle finger (where it goes...) and it was tight.

Why am I holding fluid? I have no idea except I ate out at Pei Wei last night, and although the steamed edamame didn't have additional salt (because I say, "no salt." They know me as "Edamame-No-Salt." Not as cool as "Stands-With-a-Fist" but you do what you can...), the salad had some...stuff in it--the dressing. And so today, I am drinkin' water like a big dog.

All right, not literally like a big dog. I mean, I am not using a dog bowl--just my Big Mason Jar. 2 quarts down the hatch, and 2 more to go today, I think.

Moral of the story: Just like my friend Chatty Cathy said, "Don't get hung up on the scales." This is easier said than done, but I'm planning to do it. It's nice not having to get on the scales every doggone day, anyway.

This has been a rough year financially for me--and in some other ways not so readily apparent. So...I am deeply thankful to God and His/Her many servants, my friends, for helping me through. I cannot thank Him/Her enough, nor can I thank my friends enough.

Here's a great idea for not being first--and last--hog at the trough this Thanksgiving: List in your mind the many things for which you are and know you ought to be thankful while you drink a big glass of water about 20 minutes before the bacchanalia begins.

This year, I am going to remind myself that despite the fun of the feast--and it should be FUN! That's what celebration is about--FUN!--food is only a means to that end. The goal is celebration and thankfulness. I'm very thankful. Very very thankful. And you, Dear Reader, are one of the reasons.

A major shout-out to Annissa--you go, girl! I'm so proud of you for just saying NO WAY to that diet Coke. I know it's difficult!

And now...I'm going to be getting my Holiday ON!

[NOTE: I may post for Thanksgiving Day (Day the 18th) and Thankful Friday (Day the 19th) on the same day, Friday.]



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