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Monday, November 22, 2010

Day the 15th...The Sequel

I feel ROTTEN...and I am so glad!

No, I'm not a masochist...I'm detoxifying. This is what you work toward when you are trying...trying... to eat well.

Here are my symptoms:
  • Heachache (and yes, I've eaten)
  • Feel jittery
  • Eyes burning a bit
  • Snivels
  • Joints hurt

No, I'm not getting sick! What's going on is that because I'm not eating junk or eating bad combinations, my body has the energy to push the crud out of my system. Why is this a good thing? First, it is a sign that my health overall is improving (huzzah!!) and second, once your body pushes out the crud (technical term), you see the weight loss on the scales and in your clothes.

I love this...this is why I make this Big Effort to get the junk out of my diet. If all I wanted was to lose weight, I could cut out whole food groups, and that would do it. I would compromise my health, but by golly, I would be thin, thin, thin. Or, I could eat pre-packaged junk with zippo fat and many fewer calores and sure enough, I would lose some weight but it's really hard to lose weight when you're unhealthy unless you are starving yourself. And I'm so not going to do that. Because me likes the foods, me does. Yes, I read the LOLCats...your first clue?

Woo hoo!!! And many thanks to special encouragement today in my email from the wonderful Scott the Organist. Cool man, you know what you said--and I loved it! Big props to you, babe.

Yes, I enjoy talking as if I were in my late 20s...

Oh with the fun! Woo hoo!!!

IMPORTANT NOTE: I am changing the "notice" when you post so it reads Independent Women and Men! Men, I know you are not women!



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