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Sunday, November 14, 2010

Day the 7th

One week of seven whole days DOWN, out of 365!

And weigh-in is tomorrow.

What a lovely weekend--our weather is glorious. Blue sky and cold, crisp air. Sometimes, a minor breeze, and the leaves crunch and rustle underfoot.

Yesterday, I made it to Pei Wei and had the Dan-Dan noodle bowl with vegetables and tofu. Too noodley for my mood these days--and not spicy enough--but I had steamed edamame and loved those.

Today was church followed by loooooooooong choir practice (preceded by Jeff the Choir Master ordering in pizza--and chicken and dressing for the salad for those of us who are not big pizza eaters. Had a great salad and was not sleepy when we started the 2 1/2 hour practice.)

Also...Marke B at church asked, "Have you lost weight?" Yes, yes I have--and even though this journey is not about the weight loss as such (I have to remind myself that it's about getting healthy through responsible eating habits), weight loss is a desired and natural consequence of what I am doing.

In a few minutes, off to Jeff the Choir Master's for the Choir party. I'm a non-drinker for a variety of reasons having to do with my health (I have no problem with people who drink; and I have no problem with those who don't. I have a problem with people who make a big hairy deal about it...but these aren't those people.) I'm going to enjoy myself, drink water or tea, and eat what I want, slowly, starting with anything vegetable-based first. I am CRAVING vegetables these days.

My eyes are stinging mostly from our town's allergens, but partly because I am beginning to detoxify. So much not fun, but the results...those I like.

Tomorrow, I will post about the party and IF I managed to run on the rebounder in my new walking shoes.

Jane--let's go walking. I will email you! I'm ready to walk and talk, talk, talk.

Big shout out to my commenters--Nancy and Jane--and many thanks.

Blog fans--I could not do this without you. You are my cheering section, and I love it! Pass this blog along to your friends, and let's get lots of women on here being independent and getting healthy.



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