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Monday, November 15, 2010

Day the 8th

Yes, it's Monday and it's weigh-in. You didn't think I had forgotten, did you?

And here it is, in bright Watermelon Pink: 247

It would have been lower--in fact, it was lower over the weekend, but I went to Jeff the Choir Master's party for the choir--the "thank you all so much for your patience and hard work at the all-afternoon Sunday rehearsal to meet the Advent and Feast of the Nativity music" party.

Before I talk about food, etc., a big shout out to V, who was the hit of the party and brought up some extremely interesting topics; to JV who was his usual sardonic self which I love; to RKH+ who showed up and stayed despite the busy schedule; and to GA, who helped make the party wonderful, as he always does.

All right, on to the event itself. I enjoyed myself immensely and decided to drink mostly water but some cranberry cocktail. And then the actual food--great catering and lots of vegetables--lots of them, which I ate. Then lots of hot artichoke and parmesan dip and finally a few little sweet things. Literally a few (and they were indeed little), but I realized that if I had just had 2 of 3 of the dark chocolate dipped dried apricots, I would have been just as happy. So...I enjoyed myself so much--and realized that I could have eaten raw veggies with the vinaigrette and then a few of the apricots in chocolate and drunk just water with lime in it--and been just as happy. In addition, I wouldn't have had so much sugar and salt in my system and would have felt just fine this morning and would also not have retained so much water. Today's weigh-in would have been lower. Oh well...I still look thinner and feel better! That's the point.

The nice part, however, is that I feel no guilt--it's sort of an experiment and lesson learned kinda deal. I like that. What I really like is knowing how much I like eating raw foods and drinking water. I know this is not for everyone--but it is for me. I've always like this way of eating--and now...I have found that the treats of the season are not as appealing to me. I will still make an exception for the occasional glass of egg-nog and the occasional piece of pumpkin cheesecake, but my goal is to make it through the season without gaining. If I do that, I'm ahead of the game. After all, it's the holiday season--the time of the Holy Days--and it's a time for feasting and enjoyment. Which I realize doesn't mean the same thing as "stuff myself until I am sick and can't think beyond taking a nap."

No, I didn't run on the rebounder at all. I have realized I need to make it a priority, which I have not--yet.
  • On the way into work this morning, went by Reasor's and bought Fage yogurt; local honey, blueberries, cashew butter (yes, cashew butter), and seedless red grapes that I could not resist.
  • Oh, and some Gala apples. I am set for lunches and dinners this week with the addition of these few items--and I didn't have to drag it into my apt and then out to the car this morning.
  • One thing I am doing that I like is that I stop eating around 5 pm. I feel so much better when I do that.
  • The coolest thing is to realize how much I like feeling good.

Thanks, Independent Women [and men!] who follow this blog.

I couldn't do it without you!



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  1. that shopping list sounds right up my alley! yum!


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