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Monday, November 22, 2010

Day the 15th, Part Trois


Here I was...feeling--as my dear late father used to say--pretty punk (as opposed to being a pretty punk or being pretty in pink...) because I had a headache from the hot place, and I felt rotten. As in, rotten.

So...I did what I knew to do--I drank water until you would have thought my Big Mason Jar was filled with Ketel One (it's not...).

And now? I feel good again. No more headache, not jittery, eyes not burning, etc.

People--it works. When you have changed the way you eat to include more raw and fresh, you will detoxify. Many times. Sometimes, worse than others. Don't go nuts on yourself and get a bag of Cheetos (Britney!). Drink lots of water, get as much rest as possible, and ride it out. You will lose weight because your body is pushing the crud (technical term) out.

And if you're real hard core [I know, I's really, but I was channeling School of Rock), then have a plain water enema. Hint: in the hot weather, use cool water. In the cold weather, use warm water.

It works. Our grandmothers knew this stuff, but...icky-poo modern America has forgotten it. Don't get me started on American Attitude...

However, I have to admit that drinking water as if the mains were going to be turned off for a few hours is an easier way to go. Especially at work.

I just had to post...I feel so much better!!



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