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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Day the 10th

What a pleasant surprise this morning! In fact, what TWO pleasant surprises this morning...

First, mojoandkiki posted a comment and said that this blog was encouraging. Woot! That put a major big smile on my face. So...big INDEPENDENT SHOUT OUT to mojoandkiki. Thanks a whole boatload full of sunshine and butterflies for this.

Second, I found that I had THREE, yes THREE, new followers, so a big thanks to Scott, April, and Cecily. Welcome aboard to this blog version of a Greyhound bus (minus that "bus odor") where I do the driving, and you enjoy the ride!

And now...down to business:
  • Yes, I ran on the rebounder last night. All right, it was just for 5 minutes, but this is the first time I've done more than just bounce on it. It wasn't much in the way of running, but it was a beginning. Tonight: 6 minutes before I head off to Choir Practice with Jeff the Choir Master and Scott the Organist. And my fellow choir...mongers. There, I like that word!
  • No, I didn't walk today at lunch or break. I just didn't. Besides, lunch was tied up with watching last night's GLEE on Fox Online. I have my priorities, people...Love GLEE. Completely. Love. It. But I think it's about time for something featuring Santana in a big way...although the ongoing Kurt Hummel story arc is way too exciting to miss. Any thoughts?
  • I had major saladage (do you see what I did there? Saladage, sort of like the salad version of bloggage--which I am writing right now) for lunch today at work from our excellent cafeteria. Lots of lovely greens, raw spinach, mushrooms, broccoli, celery, and pico. No coleslaw in sight, for Bob's sake. Speaking of Coleslaw, go to Day the 5th Part Deux for the wonderful recipe that Julie passed on to us--and a great link and book title.
  • Jules--the rounded soles on the walking shoes aren't making me want to run screaming into the night yet so keep your fingers crossed. Of course, I plan to road test them on Saturday outdoors so we will see...
  • Made a little dip from Fage Greek yogurt with picante and spices, but truth be told, I need to just bite the bullet and steam the carrots. I don't like raw carrots, and that's the fact, Jack. Even a little steaming will help...Tune in later for this one.
  • Ate red grapes this morning until the world looked...all sorts of rosy and fruitful (see what I did there? I know. I'm getting tired of it, too...)
  • Had yogurt w/ blueberries, walnuts, honey and cashew butter again. Seriously, if you have never had cashew butter or almond butter, get yourself to a store that sells it. Almond butter is good, but I am in a relationship with cashew butter right now...I'm expecting a ring any day...
  • On the way home tonight, I plan on apple and some almonds. I love a pick-up meal like that. So easy, so nourishing, so "on the go." Now, there is some fast food that does go through
  • My area has just gotten a filtered water hoo-dodgie (technical term) and I am so excited about it. I have been drinking from the fountain, but now I can fill my big Quart-Size Mason Jar from the filtered water.

Tomorrow, expect an update on "Did Our Heroine Run for Six Minutes on the Rebounder Like She Said?" I'm certain it will be riveting reading...

I love this blog--I love my blog followers, whom I have facetiously referred to in the past as Minions of Weltha. You know...I still sorta kinda like that...



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  1. GLEE! love it, too. i wish i were in charge of their song list, though. santana is a good call. i'm glad they did rocky horror--that's one of my all time favorites...


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