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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Day the 4th

Today's post will be short...I love that people are responding, and I don't want to be a curmudgeon, but if you will remember from the first post (I long ago...), I said that I was not giving advice and I wasn't asking for any, either.

and yet...a few readers have already forgotten that! So...I am going to ask very nicely...I LOVE hearing what you are doing, what you have done, great suggestions as to things you like for food or exercise, but let's say ix-nay on the advice. Believe me...I know (I know...) what to do. It's the doing of it day-to-day that gets all of us down. You have no idea how jazzed I am to do this every day and know that people are watching--and more importantly, cheering me on!

So...let's please limit comments to things you have done or are doing...and I'm going to continue to eat carrots ;-) Why? Because I know they are good for me, and this is about good health, too. Besides, steamed baby carrots with a little flavored olive oil or a drizzle...yum, yum, and good for me.
  • Got home from Choir last night and too tired to run on the rebounder. Oh's there, and soon, very very soon!
  • Today is Pay Day so...going shopping for food this weekend when I have time and am not racing through the store!
  • Lots of water is making a difference--I feel better, my eyes don't burn and sting with allergies, and wonder of wonders, my joints feel better. And I can tell my digestive system is enjoying the break from junk!
  • My friend Dixie suggested broccoli with a bit of honey! I am going to try that with some steamed broccoli soon and report back (I'm also thinking of a honey-garlic sort of thing, too!) Dixie had some other great ideas in terms of things to do with vegetables.
  • Love to you all! I'm looking toward the weekend--and going to Pei Wei for edumame and this great salad.

Let's hear it for the Independent Women out there!

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  1. so... my journey is that i'm pregnant and i'm trying to eat better. i read on my weekly email update about the little sprout that, for that end of the day snack, i could consider eating something from a food group i hadn't yet eaten from during the day... like yogurt or milk if i lacked dairy or an apple or orange if i lacked fruit. i'm kind of trying to keep that in mind, and i think it's made me a little more conscious of what i eat during the day.

    i have TERRIBLE eating habits, and really all i want 24/7 is nachos. seriously. the fact that i don't eat them every single day is a major accomplishment.

    p.s. edamame is AMAZING. love it.


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