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Monday, February 7, 2011

Days the 85th through the 91st!

Why, yes, we had a blizzard. What made you ask?

I have been away from Internet connection for one week--thus, I have not posted. And yes, I wasn't able to go to work because for THREE days, we had no work because of the weather and the roads, and then on Friday, I couldn't make it in thanks to the roads...

But all is better now. I was part of that "Midwest Blizzard" and now...the roads are clear. This is a Very Good Thing.

What did I eat? Fruit, lots of popcorn (with no butter but with this Garlic Pepper and some sprinkled cheese and some Louisiana Hot Sauce), eggplant. And once to Pei Wei for the edamame and the Asian Chopped Chicken Salad. And then once to Old School Bagel Cafe for the Veggie Sandwich on an Everything bagel. Both were delicious and a good time was had by all (of my taste buds.)

You of my friends said I am so sarcastic on this blog, and I was sorta...shocked and delighted. I don't mean to be so sarcastic but some days, I tell ya, it just comes out.

And what did I do? Read books, watched DVDs, and wished the library would open. And it's open today--I think. And I am headed there RIGHT after work.

No exercise unless you count sweeping and shoveling my steps. And yes, I did get out on Saturday and Sunday because the temperature was higher and the streets were clearer and no, we didn't have church at St. Jerome's yesterday because the neighborhood where our church is located was a mess in terms of the streets...this was "no bueno" as far as I was concerned.

Yes, still looking for THE PLACE TO MOVE BY FEBRUARY 28 because it is really hard to look when a girl cain't hardly git out her front door...

And yesterday, February 6, was the 7th anniversary of my mother's death. Mom was a trouper...and a good woman. I miss her terribly, but I have great memories of her. Many thanks to Brenda for her lovely e-card from Georgia to me. Good to know that someone remembered.

Mom was the Queen of Weight Watchers, and after she developed diabetes, the Empress of Careful Eating. Mom is proud of me on this journey.

Thank you all--thanks for reading, posting, etc. Thank you Eddie Tyler, my very first date in high school, for your great post. You are one good guy.

And thanks to my new readers and new followers--it's a MAJOR JOY to see my little blog being read in Ukraine and Spain. And other countries, too.



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