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Monday, February 14, 2011

Day the 98th--St. Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day...and my heart is singing...

Here is why: I got up this morning and felt...lighter. So...even though Weigh-In Wednesday is not until Wednesday, February 23 [mark your calendars!], I just had to get back on the scales.

Well, it's a great thing I did because the local Poundage of Weltha is now...222.

I'm a losin' woman! Losin' the weight, that is. So I took myself for a combined Wowie-You're-Losin'-Weight treat and a Valentine's-Day-To-Myself gift. Went right to IHOP this morning and had the cream-cheese-stuffed waffles with plenty of syrup and an order of cheese hashbrowns...wait a minute! wait a minute! No, I didn't. Because if I had, I would be feeling so sick and awful right now.

No, I went to my friend Scott the Bagelman's Old School Bagel Cafe and got a Veggie Bagel on Asiago and a Blackberry-Jasmine iced tea (it's herbal; looks like panther pee and tastes like a little cup of heaven...). Sure, it's probably not something I want to do every day. Or even every week, and yes, I did it on Saturday so there, but I needed to give me a little gift.

A major shout-out to my best friend Debbie from California, who just became Follower #34 on this Big Bus Of Weight-Loss! In her words, "Yippee!" Her blog is one of the ones I follow, Ribbonwood Cottage, and if you haven't taken a gander, you should if you are an admirer of all that is cute and country. She also has the most excellent Etsy Shop online, and her blog links to it. Honestly, check it out of you are a country gal (or feller...) and need More Cute In Your Life.

And now...on to the topic of the day. It's St. Valentine's Day, and I wanted to give a major shout-out and tribute to some of my favorite men: The Men of St. Jerome's Anglican Church. Not one of them is a possible future "boyfriend" but you know what? Sometimes, a girl doesn't need a boyfriend...she just needs friends. And these men...they are real friends. I love them all. goes!

  • My Own Personal Jack McFarlane--always and forever BFF. You brought the fun back to my life, and I will always love you. As in...Always. Love. You. [cue Whitney Houston...]. We're in it to the end, we are, we are. If I listed everything about you that counts, I would have to devote an entire blog...and I mean the whole blog, not just one post, to it all.

  • Woodstock--my intellectual buddy and BFF who is so wonderful it's indescribable. Good look with the new hair-cut. You are the best and sweetest, my own personal Carl Theodor Dreyer. And legs like Cher...You have been my friend through the hardest times, and I will love you forever for that. And The Seventh Seal lies before us...

  • The Big Kahuna himself, Bishop Rick--the most spiritual, anointed, funny, compassionate, and "just like the Good Shepherd" pastor on the planet. You're one of the main reasons I love St. J's so much. You are the best--and I promise to personally sing "The Old Rugged Cross" for you sometime...You are the epitome of what a Pastor of the Flock of Christ should be.

  • John V--the biggest smart-aleck on the planet and one of the handsomest and nicest men I have ever known. No one cracks me up like you do. All the time. Every Sunday.

  • Andy K--you give new meaning to kind and compassionate and giving. And you are a man of great grace and courage. Love you, dearest Andy. You are ever in my thoughts and prayers.

  • Rack B--your friendship is a major gift to me. You are the dearest of men, and I think you're a prince. Not to mention one of the sweetest voices and sweetest personalities on earth. And you introduced me to The Pearl.

  • Eric S--no one cracks me up like you do, Eric. If you get any funnier in Choir, I won't be able to sing for laughing at you. And doggone it, you are the epitome of a person who serves others. I love that. And you.

  • Ken--there would be no automotive transportation in my life without you. You went above and beyond the call...and yesterday, you had me at "your mother's meat grinder." You knew it mattered that I got that back. You are the best of men.

  • Raul--I totally love your ponytail these days, and you are fantastic as our [future] deacon. Kind, sweet, funny and good--these words should have your picture next to them in the dictionary.

  • Lencho--all right, you're in San Angelo, TX, but you're still one of my favorite Men of St. Jerome's. Your friendship--your spirituality--your ability to hear from God to encourage me has meant...everything.

  • Eddie W--If the world holds a kinder and gentler soul, I don't know who it is. What a true friend you are--and when you get flustered in Choir and "say things" it tickles me. I love you, Eddie. You are a man among men.

  • Jerry J--possibly one of the most beautiful tenor voices in one of the kindest and wittiest men. I always miss me some Jerry J when you're not around. And I will never forget a ride on a hot day...

  • Paul G--I miss sitting next to you in Choir because you are way too funny in the driest way possible. Dr. G, what would we do without you? I think you are such a spiritual example, and I love your socks off.

  • Preston--You are the epitome of what my Mama used to say--dynamite comes in small packages. Small of stature, you are a giant among men, and I noticed you and your evident love for the Lord from the first time I visited St. J's.

  • Lee W--I love "just Lee"--my favorite "special date"--and I miss being in the Choir with you, you rat! Get that work schedule changed, and bring that tenor voice and great jewelry BACK TO ME. I loves my Lee.

  • Elmer W--from the first, I knew you were a keeper. You are always so sweet to me, and just the fact that you liked my blonde brownies at Virginia's party last year will endear you to me forever.
  • Marke B--I swear, I didn't know anyone could be as sweet and nice as you are without being saccharine, but you did it. I love your socks off, and just seeing you yesterday gave me a big major smile.
  • Mike F--no one rocks a bald head and a fedora like you do, and without question, you're just a big ol' sweetie. I love your sense of humor, and I love that you're part of us.
  • Jeff the Choirmaster--who knew that Choir could be so much fun or that such a small group could sound so good? You are one of my all-time favorite men, and the fact that you are the King of Weight-Loss and are looking so great is an inspiration to me. And I just love you, love you, love you.
  • Gary A--your schedules for the service rotation are always excellent, and just the fact that you and I agreed on a certain person's behavior and attitude at the Round Robin Dinner 2 years ago AND the fact that you forgave me for dissing Miss Ross...well, what can I say? I'm glad I joined up and drank the Kool-Aid...
  • Gary S--Mr. I've-Come-A-Long-Way-Baby...I miss picking you up for Choir practice and hangin' with you. You are the dearest man, and I just don't get enough of Little Gary in my life. At all.
  • Scott the Organist--you are such a kindred talented (not that I are!) funny...such an adult with such a wry take on life. You will never know the encouragement you are to me, and you played Bryn Calfaria for my birthday as the Postlude...I love that!
  • Terry our Pianist--Hands down, you win the nicest guy award in my book. You have been a major encouragement to me, and yes, we've got to do the overnight-at-the-lake thing when it warms up. I smile every time I think of you--AND your talent!
  • Scott the Lector--I love you to bits! You have the wackiest sense of humor and are one of the coolest men I know. There's just something about you that makes me happy every time I see you at church. Or out and about.
  • Dan my Hair Stylist--my hair--and Bishop's, and Poodle's, and Woodstock's--owes you a major debt because no one, no one, no one cuts my hair like Dan the Man. And on top of it, you are one really good guy--funny, caring, loves animals, loves are a gift.
  • Royal W--honey, you had me at "somewhere between John Shelby Sponge and..." Have fun up in Kansas but come back to see us every few weeks, because we can't do without you.
  • Cary--You are the funniest man...and whoever thinks you're quiet just doesn't know you. Period. At all.
  • Sam--My own favorite Sammo, the man with the Good Heart. I love you buddy, and I was so happy to see you yesterday. So. Very. Happy.
  • Howard--all right, you're not with us at the moment but here's hoping that will change. You are a king of men, and I love you.
  • Bob G--who knew that under that quiet exterior lurked Mr. Smarty-Pants himself? You have GOT to be one of my favorite greeters and ushers!
  • Murrel--I love when you drive your sports car in the warm weather. I love it when you kid me. What a great guy you are. You are living proof that like fine wine, age just improves us. You are one of my special men!
  • Rob R--you ARE going to join the Choir, right? You add much-needed calm and sanity to our merry band at St. J's. I'm so glad you're with us. SO glad.
  • Charles--you are the ONLY man who can tickle me in the ear and get away with it. Your bow-ties, your dogs, your kindness and goodness, your incredible talent...well, they do a whole bunch for me. You are a PRINCE.
  • Bill--Our evaluation of the lectorship of St. J's endeared me to you from the first. You are the handsomest man--and the nicest. Good job with Elder Care...looking forward to seeing you at Mardi Gras!
  • David V--Lector Deluxe of St. J's--and the only person who can cover over any goof-ups with grace and wit. You are one sassy guy--and if you want to borrow my chapstick, just let me know...
  • Richard Pierce--we joined up the same day, and sitting next to you is too much fun because you understand that this girl brings a lot of junk to church with her...the look on your face many times is so get me laughing with just a raised eyebrow.
  • Richard Patnode--the husband of the lovely Kat the Fellow Alto. So glad you're with us...and here's to you not being with us so you can be out on the road drivin', drivin', drivin'...the WWWD T-shirts will endear you and the Lovely Kat to me forever...
  • Ed V--I came back in and added you. You were so kind all those years ago to a stranger, telling me your story, letting me tell you mine. One of my favorite moments started with, "Don't call him..." Not to mention you telling me how little bitty child Ed bowed his head and asked Jesus into his heart.
  • Scott the Bagelman--we'll be seein' you soon on Sunday mornings I hear. You have been a great guy and a friend to me from the beginning. I have always just thought you were dandy, and I'm head cheerleader on Team Scott the B. Any man who fought in Desert Storm, likes BBQ, and is a friend of my BFF is just all right by me.

All right...I repeated myself some. At least 2 men crack me up the most. I love the socks off at least 2 men. At least 2 are my BFFs (well, that part is correct). BUT I WROTE IT JUST LIKE I BELIEVE IT!

Men of St. Jerome's--the coolest and realest men on the Planet. I love you all, and you are my Valentines. All of you. And if I left anyone out, please know that I love you, too!



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