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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Day the 101st

And now...our big milestone has passed...

I mean, it's day 101.

I saw Janis this morning--she's the originator of the whole Blog Your Weight Loss Journey. It was her idea--and who knew how successful it would be?

I am finally, I think (I hope. I pray.) over the exhaustion that comes with the stress of finding a new place to live. There are still some details, but we're moving forward. I'm really excited about moving and having a new place.

Today, for the first day in...several...I didn't go to Bagel-O-Rama, as I am fond of calling it, for a bagel this morning.

And last night, I took myself to the wonderful and extraordinary Helen of Troy, where I grabbed a large baba ghanoush and extra pita, and then a quick run past Old School Bagel Cafe's drive-thru for a large Blackberry-Jasmine Tea before I went to Choir practice. Yes, I went into Choir with garlic mouth but no one seemed to fall over in a faint, and I totally loved the baba. If you live here in "my town", get yourself down to Lewis between 61st and 71st where you can dodge the crummy traffic as that section of Lewis is under construction and wend your way into Helen of Troy and get your baba on.

And today, I had a banana with cashew butter (yes!) and then at lunch, I experienced a first: I went to our cafeteria and got some fairly okay chicken stirfry and also some steamed vegetables.

One of the things I am loving is that I really make food decisions based on what is good for me...not just what I want to eat. All right, all right, the steamed veggies weren't the greatest but they were heavy on the carrots and steamed carrots never harsh my buzz.

I know that didn't make a lot of sense but I have long wanted to use the phrase "harshin' my buzz." There, I feel better.

I think I'll eat my second banana tonight before I leave work, complete with cashew butter... And I need to go to The Market at 81st and Harvard for some cool jewelry, because I need some big, chunky necklace with lots of black. If anyone had told me that I would rekindle my youthful romance with black, I would have said, "Oh, no, not gonna happen..." but here I am. Everything is either black, white or graphite. All right, there is some color, but I'm all about the black. Today, I'm wearing my new graphite sweater over black henley jersey and trousers. I like it. A lot. A who-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-le lot.

This whole journey isn't just about weight loss; I feel like a whole new person. I like it. I feel like I'm becoming the person I always wanted to be.

And that's a good thing.

And tomorrow or soon, I will do a shout-out on one of my friends...



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  1. "I feel like I'm becoming the person I always wanted to be."

    This makes me smile and feel warm fuzzies all over. How wonderful to feel this! :) Yay, Weltha!


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