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Sunday, February 13, 2011

Day the 97th

How do I love this day...let me count the ways...

  1. Went back to my home church of St. Jerome's today. I have been "on vacation" which has been extended by two weeks thanks to illness (mine, not God's) and the rotten weather last weekend. It's always fun to take some time away from our routine, particularly when we can't go out of town, but I got to missin' my home. And now, I'm back. And Bishop's homily was great--really made me think. As in really think.
  2. The weather is warm...up in the 60s. Yes, this is "my town" where we had this hideous cold of below zero and now a week's in the 60s and perhaps will hit the 70s. It feels so good, and the snow and ice are melting, melting, melting...
  3. Went to Pei Wei with Woodstock today. Woodstock is working on his doctoral dissertation and is preparing to write and present a paper at a conference. So...he has been sort of missing in action because he has been the proverbial Mr. Busy. But today, we yakked after church and then went to Pei Wei, and a good time was had by all (of my taste buds...again...) As I did with Poodle, I will write a blog about Woodstock soon.

Not much to say these is continuing apace, and I'm still waiting to hear about some different situations with keep me in your prayers or good thoughts and if you know of anything in my town--an apt complex, someone's garage apt, someone's basement apt, someone who has a house to share with a housemate--let me know. Once I am settled and ready to move, I will let you all know and then it will be dancin' in the streets!

I took out some trash this last week. There was someone--not a "good influence" someone--who was trying to worm back into my life. And I said "no." There was nothing positive or hopeful in this. And I knew that if I left the door open, I would be sorry...So, I slammed that sucker shut as hard as I could.

Probably...I could have been a bit nicer, but I felt that my happiness and future were in the balance, and I am not really interested in people who are users and predators. I're shocked...

Once again, I believe that when we have the wrong people in our lives, there is no room for the good ones. And sometimes, if you want the good people to come into your life, you have to--gently, we hope--move the negative and even dangerous ones out. And this one was...let's say...dangerous to the kind of person I want to be.

My friend Walter Ripley tells a joke about a city fellow who goes to the country. He wanders around this small country village and comes upon a blacksmith. The blacksmith is pounding horseshoes for all it's worth. The city fellow watches the red-hot horseshoes turn to black. And thinking that they are cool to touch, he picks up one only to fling it away because it's still so hot his fingers are about to blister. The blacksmith laughs boisterously and smirks at him, asking sarcastically, "Too hot for you?"

"Why, no," says the city fellow. "It just doesn't take me long to look at a horseshoe."

You know, once I realized that this person was...not a good person for my life, it didn't take me long to look at the horseshoe.

And I'm proud of myself.

And I'm also delighted to say that this morning, my weight was...224.

Oh yeah...we're cookin' with gas, now!



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  1. Well Hello Miss Weltha! Loved your post. How do you know if a horseshoe has cooled off if you don't touch it? You have to find out one way or another...hahaha....I loved your analogy...very good.Miss you. Have become your newest follower though. In the voice of Arnold Schwartzenegger..."I'll be back!"


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