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Monday, February 21, 2011

Day the 104th Sunday, February 20, 2011

Readers, I was too busy. I'm movin', I tell ya, and I just wasn't able to post yesterday...Sunday...but so much to tell...

I think I am stress-eating. I don't mean I am eating huge amounts of chocolate or having pie or cake or french fries at Sonic or any's just that I have been Queen of the Bagels the last few mornings, and that's kinda all right.

I am so happy I have a great place to move, Rack B and the guys from St. J's are moving me, and it's all working out really well. But it's a big deal, and I feel a bit of the stress. And I'm treating myself. Little treats. Nothing major. And nothing that falls in the category of "Oh, honey. No."

It's not as though I decided to go to Cheesecake Factory and get one of their 2-million-calorie desserts. Or went to one of those chain restaurants that have 1300-calorie entrees. I'm not doing any of that.

And today, yes, I had a bagel for breakfast on the way in to work...with cream cheese but so what? I'm in this for the long haul. Besides, Francine said I looked GREAT at church yesterday. And that was worth everything.

Speaking of St. Jeromes, my heart is...broken. All right, all right, not broken (I was vaccinated with a hyperbole as a kid...), but our wonderful organist, Scott the Organist, is leaving us. He and his better half moved back out to the lake house and then he was offered a postion as Director of Music at a Presbyterian church. Hmmmm....let's see....tiny salary, limited control, 375-mile round trip commute each week to St. J's vs. better salary, total control of the music, and walk across the street...golly, so hard to choose.

Losing Scott hurts because first of all, he's one great guy. He's intelligent, sensible, really understands the spiritual landscape of our town (and it's quite a landscape...), and is an exceptionally gifted organist. Well, I think so because he plays it all just like I like it. It's hard to see them go--but we're all hopin' we'll somehow get to see them again. I've been promised a trip to the lake house and there you have it. But as good as change can be--and it's going to be REALLY good for Scott--it's difficult, and we will miss him. I love Scott dearly. Boo and hoo...

Went to lunch yesterday with the Church Gang at...Mazzio's Pizza and had the salad bar which was not half bad. AND...I am going to get in the habit of making up some salad dressing and taking it with me to church just in case we go someplace like that and then I have have my nummylicious dressing that doesn't have a bunch of yuck in it. And in my current fine habit of treating myself, went to The Brook for dinner and had a great salad with grilled chicken. And was waited on by the most stellar of wait-persons, Mark the Wait-Person. It sort of assuaged the impending loss of Scott the Organist as of March 6, his last Sunday with us...Jeff the Choirmaster referred to him as Benedict Arnold and immediately, the Choir thought, "Uh-oh..." But seriously, it's the best for him, and I am glad for that. And very envious of that Presbyterian church, although I realize envy is a sin and oh great, now I have to repent of that...

So...bigger things on my head than food right now, BUT, I also realize that I have such good habits in place that I am not going to go out and do something wacky.

And...I received an email from Dan T. I not only went to high school with Dan T but we were in kindergarten together (this back in the day of private kindergartens), and then in Junior High and High School. Dan is married to his high school sweetheart Jane, for whom I used to play piano accompaniment for her clarinet solos in band competition.) Anyhoodle, Dan told me that my 40th (yes, people, my 40th...) high school reunion is this October and YES, I am going, what made you ask? And there will be a lot less Weltha when I go...I am so excited about doing this! Actually, I should be extremely close to "wherever" when I go to the Reunion. This is a great thing.

I'll post tonight for today--Monday, Feburary 21, 2011. And I am going to do a Friend Shout-Out to one of the WOMEN friends because they don't get all wackadoo if you say something really nice. Although come to think of it, Poodle didn't get too bent out of shape...

I will try--TRY--to post every day but may not be able to always post to Facebook. You CAN "favorite" my blog and then just check it every day...I know...what a concept...

Love you all--can't do it without you. Sorry the comments doesn't work right all the time. It should be easy to do...I tried to set it up that way, but if you's lonely on the Weight-Loss Bus sometimes!



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