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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Day the 108th

Today, I celebrate yet another of the dear friend Grammy Jean.(I's a weensy picture...and she is a little person...but there she is with MR. Jean and the grandbabies...)
But first, I have posted in the shout-out blog to Woodstock a picture taken at a Halloween party where he came as Mother Mary Woodstock in nun garb, fishnet stockings, and stilletos. [I showed up as Princess Alice Cooper Grad Student, which means I wore my Master's gown and hood, a tiara and loads of smeared black eyeliner. No, I have no pictures of that...why do you ask?]. Anyhoodle, he posed showing his lovely Cher-legs, and they are the envy of every woman I know, particularly me...

Here is the link to his shout-out on my blog and the picture of his legs...

And now...on to Grammy Jean...

Jean and I met because I was working one summer at my Christian school where I used to teach, and she had just become the Office Manager for the school's Superintendant. I was on a project, and we were both fairly new to the Wonderful World of Computers (does this tell you how long ago it was?). I sat right near her and sure enough, we bonded over WordPerfect.

And we have remained friends ever since even though I have done everything and its brother since that time, and she is the director of a wonderful organization that works with children with developmental disabilities. I have watched her children grow up, marry, have their own children, and through it all, Jean and I go to lunch about once a quarter, exchange Christmas and birthday gifts, and stay in close touch. To say that she has been a rock and a true friend is to call the Grand Canyon a big hole in the ground...

One of the things I love the MOST about Jean is that she always sees the best in any situation and always believes the best about people. She has always done this with me--and she has remained totally enthusiastic about my plans, ideas, people in my life, and where I go to church.

And yes, Jean is another one of those 24/7, 365-days-a-year-no-let-up sort of Christians, so when she says she is praying for me, I take it to heart and know that I am indeed prayed for. I say all the time that I don't know how or why prayer works, but that it does change things--as Bishop emailed me today, "it moves mountains!"

Here is the short list of cool things she has done:
  • Celebrated with me my graduation from grad school with my Master's in Language and Literature

  • Rejoiced at how happy I was--and am--to find St. Jerome's as my church

  • Laughed at anything funny I said

  • Commiserated when things didn't go so great for me

  • Prayed for me when I was out of work and broke

  • Given me the coolest and most thoughtful gifts--and I have them all to this day

  • Shared with me the comings and goings of her own life and allowed me to be a part

And you know what? In all of this, she became one of my Best Friends Forever.

Jean--you are also celebrating with me that I am losing weight and doing this blog! You are a true friend--one whom I will know and love for the rest of my life. I am so glad we worked together that summer...little did we know... is to real friendship, hanging together as women or buddies or whatever, and making a difference in each other's lives...



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