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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Day the 99th

I love the book of Ecclesiastes...especially the part about "a time to dance and a time to mourn."

Today is both of those.

It's a time to dance because I found a great place to live, good price and just all the things I needed so much. It's all working out--and I can move away from a place where I have known much unhappiness as my life continues to change and I become a "new Weltha"--not just in body, but at least in that. I will be moving out on or before February 28, and moving into the new place on March 7. Many thanks to Alyce (aka The Pearl) for giving me a place to stay for a week. And for having no problem with the cats being part of it all. Mimsey and Horatius thank her and all of you, as do I.

But it's also a time to mourn. Our St. Jerome's cantor, Kathy C., just lost her father from this life. It's never an issue of where people are for me; it's the issue of where they aren't. And although he had had many health problems, I would imagine that she would want him back, as the healthy vigorous man she knew as a child. Maybe I'm off here, but I know that's what I have wanted with my own mom--for her to be back, not as woman with health problems at the end of her days, but as the young, vigorous, strong woman I knew growing up.

So tomorrow, the St. Jerome's Choir (or as many of us as can be there) will sing at Kathy's father's service. I will be one of them--it's not possible for everyone, but it's possible for me.

And here I am, being very serious. Every person and every family is different, but I know that for me, nothing prepared me for the death of my parents. You only get two chances to do this--and one is your only father, and one is your only mother.

So...although I am happy (and relieved. very relieved) about having a great situation to move into, watching the details fall into place, I remember that a family is missing a relative, a woman is missing her husband, my church friend is missing her father--and all of them are dealing with a new world without him.

For me, a time to dance. For them, a time to mourn.

And I had another veggie bagel this morning and a cup of the blackberry-jasmine tea. Somehow, my blog on weight-loss and what I'm eating and whether I can force myself to exercise doesn't seem all that important. At least not today.

So...rejoice with me (and I know you will)--and some of you may also pause for a moment to think of or to pray for Kathy and her family and even to mourn for them.

There is a time for all things. Today is a time to remember that one life ends and a new life for the family as they learn to live without that person has just begun.

Tomorrow, I will be my usual sassy smarty self. I will probably do my shout-out to Woodstock.

But not today. I want to be quiet now before the mystery that is death and the sanctity of the loss and sorrow that Kathy and her family know.


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