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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Days the 153rd - the 157th - Day 25 of 30 Days of Truth

No, we have not had another blizzard (it's April, people, and although our weather exhibits major wackitude, even that would be a bit much...)

No, I haven't fallen off the planet...or off the Eating Right For Better Health And Slender Body wagon...

Nope, girlfriend here has been sick.

Now, I've been at work every day, been at the final Lenten Study, and even at a long Choir Practice last night.

I will be at Church and 9:30 am Choir Practice on Sunday and I will faithfully participate in all the Holy Week events. And then sing at Feast of the Resurrection (what you non-liturgical types call "Easter.")

Girlfriend has the SHINGLES and it hurts like a big dog. No, I haven't been to the doctor for whatever and no, I'm not going unless this gets much, much worse.

I'm treating it with natural means...went online, got some excellent counsel, and here I am, feeling like I just scratched a really bad sunburn (except the pain doesn't go away...). Yes, I'm using apple cider vinegar, ice packs, drinking apple cider vinegar (blrghhhh) and using tea tree oil. And I'm going to buy eucalyptus oil later today. Yes, it hurts. No, it's no fun.

And it all wore me out. So...I have not posted. All of my concentration and effort has gone into work...until this moment. I am finally posting the blog.

Yes, I am eating well. No, I haven't weighed. Yes, I enjoy bagels. Not every day.

I just read Portia de Rossi's book, Unbearable Lightness about her terrible struggles with anorexia and bulimia. No, I'm not dealing with either of those thanks be to God.

Yes, I am hurting right now. As in "right this very moment"--not only defo when I am typing this but probably when you are reading it.

Still, it will go away. It will. It must.

Meanwhile, I just bought a memory foam bed topper last night and new sheets and pillows (because I desperately needed them...) and slept very well...much less pressure on my joints! Woo and hoo!

And...a really cute little shirt/hoodie with a sort of a nautical theme--it's cobalt blue with a little striped insert in the v-neck and a hoodie. And long sleeves. It's way cute. I'm wearing it right now. AND...I bought a pink Spring-weight sweater.

Yes, I'm stylin' now...

Meanwhile, back to 30 Days Of Truth, presenting Day 25--and the prompt is...

A Book You've Read That Changed Your Views On Something

And the book is: The Good Book by the late Peter J. Gomes.

It changed my attitude about being a Christian and relating to LGBTQ people. It helped me believe that the Bible--and please, try not to pick up stones to throw at me as you read this--does not condemn loving, committed relationships between people of the same gender. I know...I thought it said...uh huh, that's what I thought it said. Of course, it "says" that women should shut up in church, never teach on doctrine, and cook for the potlucks and watch out for the kiddies. All right, it doesn't quite say that last part, but it's defo implied. By a "reading" of it all.

Gomes' book doesn't just address homosexuality, which he calls "the last prejudice." He talks about how the Bible has been used to support slavery and the unequal treatment of women--but he also celebrates this most mysterious and controversial book as a narrative of a people encountering God. It's worth reading even if you are just convinced you are going to hate it to bits and disagree with every word.

You might be surprised.

No, this is not the time or place to jump all over me and tell me that I'm lost or off or in major error or a heretic or whatever. If you want to agree with me, fine. I'm all over that. But argue with me? I don't think so. I'll read your comments. I just won't publish them to the blog.

This is my answer--it's not me going out on a crusade. But Peter Gomes' book has certainly changed what I thought.

And I think that's a good thing.




  1. Shingles??? I am so sorry. Hope you are feeling all better by now and I will be praying for you. I know sometimes you just have to ride it out, but I am believing all that you are doing will make for a quick recovery!!!

  2. Sorry you're hurting. I hope it stops soon. :-(

  3. Weltha Jane, I miss you and hope you are feeling better!


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