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Monday, August 8, 2011

SHE'S BACK - Day the 158th and Day 26 of 30 Days of Truth

OH yeah, girlfriend here is BACK.

I fell off...not the wagon, but sorta off the planet. Here is why:

Remember that I had The Shingles? That's not all...

  • I have had not one but THREE bouts with upper respiratory infection, the final and nastiest of which I am currently just getting past....

  • General depression from stress- although not terribly bad or terribly lengthy

  • 1 bad blow-out with a friend - now nicely mended, and both of us are happy

  • Watching another friend go thru H-E-Double-Hockey-Sticks-In-A-Handcart - and on the road to The Mend - this still in progress

  • General Facebook Foolish-osity...

  • Having to go back on our prescription meds. Not a bad thing but still...

  • Heat here in the MidWest that has turned My Town into your basic happy inferno


In one week (yes, one week), our Favorite Weltha experienced the following:

  1. Wee cat Fafnir ran away and never returned. I felt like the World's Worst Cat Mom. For days. And days. I looked for him; he was never to be found.

  2. Housemate and I had a break-in while we were gone one evening (and it was through my bedroom window...) and "they" not only got her TVs and a set of pearls that meant very much, but some of my jewelry INCLUDING my Very Own Mother's Wedding Band. Yep, it feels JUST like you think it does...

  3. I found out that 4 months after moving in with very nice housemate, I would have to MOVE AGAIN because the owner of the house decided to retire there A YEAR EARLY.

I am amazed I am still in one piece.

And because I like to eat as a form of comfort (pity party with refreshments....), I am amazed that I did not gain back any weight. In fact, I may have lost a few pounds because New Scale is set higher than Old Scale.

Girlfriend here is weighing in at 222. MUCH more than she wishes but much less than it might have been.

Have I been a naughty eater? Weeeeeellllll....not really.

All right, I have a Serious Bagel Jonz going on and Old School Bagel Cafe is rakin' in the coin from me.

And there has been WAY too much popcorn complete with real butter. And parmesan cheese...

But there has been no Coca-Cola. Or regular iced tea. None. No M&Ms. I have had a few really great chocolate bars, sweetened with "better" sweeteners, really dark chocolate and natural ingredients. And that's okay.

But not enough fruits or vegetables. Or exercise (or hey! ANY exercise beyond choosing a new film to watch or turning the pages of the excellent Jane Austen.)

This is about to change. There are fruits and vegetables in my refrigerator EVEN as you read this, and I just bought a hula hoop AND am moving the rebounder where I can watch movies AND exercise. Yes, a win-win (I almost typed win-sin...) is in the making. IN THE VERY MAKING...

However, let's do Day 26 of 30 Days of Truth:

List the Good Things That Have Happened To You In the Midst of Missing Cat, Break-In and 2nd Move In 4 Months.

Obviously, I tailored this one for myself. I mean, you don't exactly find a list with this strange and specific sort of prompt...well, I don't. Maybe you do...I dunno...

Because I love me the lists, here goes:

  • Thanks to Scott the Lector, I have moved into the coolest ENORMOUS studio behind the mansion (yes, mansion) owned by my landlords. I love it. It's wonderful. I and cats are so happy.

  • My neighbor - as in one of the other studio apt renters - is the wonderful Paula from church. Who knew? She is so major great and just 20 feet away...

  • My new domicile is 1/2 block from Poodle - I mean, I walk over there and we par-tay. Well, as much as a pair of middle-aged people who tire out at 8:15 pm can par-tay...

  • And I'm just a mile from Mischa (the former Woodstock who is now firmly Mischa, my Polish prince.) This is a good thing, too.

  • Work is going well and my position might be made permanent (I would still need to interview, etc. for it) and "they" are looking for something that might deal with my geekola love of writing nerd stuff, proofing and editing...

  • New friends at church - Travis and Matthew. Lovely new friends, complete with their cat Emma, Spanish classes and French classes. And Travis thinks everything I say is hilarious. WHAT is not to love with these two?

  • Jeff and Gary - if you "know" what I mean, you know what I mean. If not, well, I promised not to publish on FB and I am keepin' my word. Very happy.

  • A totally great trip to Baton Rouge AND Nawlins (and the Quahtah) to see my high school friend. It was fantastic and there is nothing like realizing that an old friend is now a new friend - and as great a guy as ever. Thank you, Eddie dahlin'...and yes, the trip came complete with great food - a chicken salad I wanted to marry, BBQ (I had me a pulled pig sammy and I loved it), BBQ shrimp (now #2 in my pantheon of great shrimp dishes, second only to shrimp broiled in butter and garlic), and Mediterranean food (baba ghanoush, my dearest love, and chicken shawarma salad...YEAH, baby.) And Eddie is major fun.

  • A backyard at my new place that reminds me of summers on the river as a kid.

  • My new bedspread which I am trying just real hard not to bow down and worship it's so...wonderful.

  • The perfect haircut from Dan My [Hair] Man

  • Bishop is back in town and hittin' all cylinders on his homilies

There, I think that will do for a while.

Warning - I'm only going to post Mondays through Fridays. 7 days a week when my own personal computer is either at death's door or has actually gone home to be with the Lord (or whoever computers use...) is exactly 2 days too many.

And yes, we will finish 30 Days of Truth and then have some other gimmick, I mean some other point of interest for each blog.

Today - Everything bagel heated with garlic-herb cream cheese and Orange Blossom Ginger white tea. And work coleslaw for lunch.

Girlfriend thinks she'll make her own personal baba tonight...that's why God made the eggplant in my refrigerator. I know this is so. I know it.

The Bus Trip has started back up and YOU WON'T WANT TO MISS IT!



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