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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Day the 149th - Day 21 of 30 Days Of Truth

Alas, I forgot to weigh-in this morning. Well, what actually happened was I looked at my scales sitting kinda under a bunch of stuff, and I was almost dressed and I said, "One more day isn't going to make anyone crazy" so I didn't move the stuff and get undressed.

Well, I didn't.

So...tomorrow will be Weigh-In Thursday and forget the alliteration...Sorry, I meant to do it but it was one of those "get up and get going" mornings.

Today, I did have my Blackberry-Jasmine iced tea (green tea) but no bagel.

Okay, part of the reason (most of the reason. all of the reason) was not enough change in my purse, but I'd like to think that part of it was ALSO that I wanted to eat better. I had grapes for breakfast. Nice cold, sweet green Thompson seedless...I know they're good for me. I'm glad I did it. Yes, I'm eating lovely Work Salad Bar that contained--quelle surprise--pickled okra so I had me some because children, I'm ain't nothin' if not a Southern girl...And yes, they were great.

And now, I'm interrupting my lunch to type this blog. Last night, I did have popcorn and homemade chocolate halvah. They were both great. Love them. I was tired, but there IS stuff to steam in the fridge which I will do tonight post-Choir practice.

But first, a shout out to my friend Poodle who is a dear. We talked on the phone on the way in to work today, and we are going to see one another before Choir practice (Poodle is not in the Choir--my Choir Practice!) but I also received a very sweet text. People, THIS is what makes a good friend--someone who stays in touch whenever possible. All my friends are like that--Mischa (formerly known as Woodstock but the hair is no longer Woodstock and Mischa is a better name...) does his very best in the face of full-time work AND finishing his diss AND going to conferences. Debbie has her parents living with her (and she has Mr. Debbie...) and she doesn't have much time. Grammy Jean is one busy woman with work and family. Yet all of them do their best to stay in touch.

And Poodle's very sweet text meant the world. He's a GREAT friend. Everyone should have BFFs that I have.

Anyhoodle, I just had to shout out to Poodle--this is a great day to do that.

And now, we head into Day 21 of 30 Days Of Truth.

There are a million versions of these 30 Days out there and some of them have the lamest prompts. Today's was about what I worry about and why. Yes, I struggle with worry but honestly, I don't want to focus on that. I have areas of life in which I have to work on not worrying. I don't want to spell that out and give it a life of its own.

Instead, I'd like to talk about:

The Aspects Of My Life That I Love

I have plenty of them, and again, I will resort to a list (I love me some lists...)

  1. My wonderful church and my pastor Bishop. I have referred to him as the Big Kahuna of St. J's and he is (and he's also tall and slender and aristocratic-looking, not to mention hilarious.) He's a Good Shepherd of the Flock--much like the Good Shepherd Himself...

  2. My friends--I know you all hear over and over about Poodle, Mischa, Debbie, Grammy Jean and more...I have the greatest friends on earth. Add to that Dawn in Arkansas, Wes in Texas, Suellen, Martha and Melynda in Virginia...Rack and Eric and the whole Choir...and boy could I add more...and you have a set of incredible friends.

  3. My "new digs" with Tasha the Housemate and her two boys. I'm having a great time and I'm very happy where I live.

  4. The fact that I love Shakespeare and Milton--and really good modern novelists too--including the wonderful James Lee Burke and more...

  5. Where I work--with my wonderful supervisor and my wonderful co-workers. I am very happy.

  6. The fact that I will again teach. I will. I am so glad this is true and every day, I try to move toward THAT day.

  7. The fact that albeit slowly, I am losing weight

  8. My skin...I have lovely skin if I say so myself

  9. My sense of humor--I find me terribly funny

  10. My zest for life--which is returning in a major, major way...I mean, it's coming to its FULL FLOWER

  11. The fact that my lovely city has great museums and parks

  12. And Farmer's Markets all over the place not to mention fresh fruit and vegetable stands

  13. Hope. I have tremendous hope in my life.

  14. My cats--I love, love, love them and try to remember not to scold them even when Horatius butts my hand as I'm putting kitty food in the bowls and it goes all over or when Mimsey hollers at the top of her little lungs at me...they love me and I love them.

  15. My two brothers. They are the best. Maybe not everyone else's "best" but my best and I would not trade them for anyone on earth.

  16. My ability to crochet and knit and embroider and write academic and creative essays and sing and play the piano and the Appalachian dulcimer (not very hard but then how many people do you know who actually do?)

  17. The diversity of my friends and their interests and abilities

  18. My faith and the way in which I experience it as an Anglican

  19. My ability to decorate which I am continuing to develop...and I have a major plan for the future in terms of color and decor...

  20. My love of books and music and art and nature and film

There, that should do it! That's what I ABSOLUTELY love about my life.



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  1. And my bone structure...I have nice cheekbones and I must post newer pics of myself...


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