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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Day the 150th - Day 22 of 30 Days of Truth--WEIGH-IN THURSDAY

All right, I know you just tuned in to see what I weigh... I got ON the scales this morning and doggone if they didn't say 233. I mean COME ON PEOPLE! I have NOT--repeat NOT--gained 11 lbs since Valentine's Day. So...I moved the scales to another location and they said..."226." That's...better. I guess... These are electronic, I am going to get a GOOD cutting board, put the scales in my bedroom on the CHEAP cutting board (it's more stable than the wood plank floor) and we'll see what's what. So very discouraging because I don't KNOW. What I need to do is go to the doctor's, get weighed, come straight home and mess with the scales until they say what the doctor's scales say. And I am back to the mode of "let's get WITH this, exercise, eat right and LOSE THIS WEIGHT." Oh yeah, and get healthier too... I had NO BAGEL for breakfast but had an apple and put cashew butter ONLY on the last 2 bites. Good for me. Yes, I did have the green tea to drink and lunch was Salad Bar with Coleslaw. I was very happy. Tonight will be steamed carrots and steamed green beans. Very pleased with this and will make light dressing to drizzle. Good job ME! Tomorrow breakfast will be grapes and apples. I tell ya, I'm gonna lose this weight. LOSE IT. LOSE. IT. Andnow, we bring you Day 22 of 30 Days Of Truth with the prompt of... What Makes Your Family Unique? Let's see...I feel a LIST COMING ON:

  1. My dad was probably Springfield, Missouri's first traffic casualty (not fatality because he was 3 years old and hadn't married and had us at the time...)

  2. My brothers are mirror identical twins (look it up...very interesting)

  3. My mom worked for and volunteered for the American Red Cross for a total of 50 years.

  4. My mom had one Confederate grandfather and one Union grandfather.

  5. Mom's Confederate grandfather was kin to the Dalton gang of outlaws and let them sleep overnight in the barn once when my grandmother Daisy was 9 years old.

  6. On Dad's side, we are related distantly (by marriage) to John Wilkes Booth

  7. Mom's Confederate grandfather had a first cousin in Tennessee who sold a little slave girl to a farmer in Diamond, Missouri (slavery is a bad thing and so is selling a child). The little girl was named Mary and she was sold to Moses Carver. Mary grew up to become the mother of George Washington Carver...

  8. My mom was a double cousin (same cousins through both parents) because her mother Daisy married her father H. P. and H. P's sister Molly married Daisy's brother Jim. No, no one married someone they were related don't start that up with me....

  9. I was the first student in my high school history to be a Merit Finalist.

  10. I won a pie-eating contest 2 years in a row...

All right, that last one isn't much but hey! My family is without question "one of a kind."

You read it here first.



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  1. Just as a PS to your list of uniqueness...I had an art teacher who did portraits of twins, and in the process she discovered that they were mirror image twins. No one, not even the parents, had noticed this interesting fact.


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