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Friday, April 8, 2011

Day the 151st - Day 23 of 30 Days of Truth

Oh CAMPERS! I'm back...and have had a leeeeeeeetle problem but have created a work-around...

My blog was somehow marked as either abusive or spam according to Facebook, where I try to post as much as I can of it. I don't know if it's because I posted 3 days all on one day (because I couldn't get to the library!) or...if someone marked me as abusive.


However, I filled out Facebook's form, sent it off, and now am posting links--it may look a little different on Facebook but not so much that you don't know it's my blog. Anyhoodle, I am able to post and that's where most of my readership is.

I LOVE the fact that someone in Russia, someone in Spain and someone in Italy is reading me!! Welcome, friends!!! I speak a lot of Spanish (still not fluent), a phrase or so in Italian and the same in Russian. I love all 3 languages and am so glad you are with me!

I meant to have fruit for breakfast but breakfast got away from me and I ate...nothing. This isn't too great, and I'm taking fruit and cashew butter HOME so I am sure I eat it all. And lunch was the usual...maybe apples later today. We'll see!

Right after work, I'm going to Target to buy a really nice broom and dustpan set. I'm collecting the "good things" so that I have them rather than a lot of junk. I'm not big on junk that doesn't work too well, that has to be replaced often. I believe in buying the good stuff when it's practical, taking care of it and having it a loooooooong time. Sometimes, it doesn't matter; sometimes, it matters a big ol' bunch...

I had popcorn last night--I was one tired little pilgrim...and I haven't been getting to bed on time. This MUST and WILL change.

And I need to clean my room and prepare for my Lenten Study lesson which I will be doing on Sunday right after much fun!

Tomorrow is Big Fun Day and I can't wait to blog about it when it's all over.

Meanwhile, here is Day 23 of 30 Days Of Truth. The prompt is:

What Did You Learn From The Last Dark Period In Your Life?

Well, I learned so much and am still learning, but one definitely lesson was that God takes care of me even when I am totally helpless. At one point, I had no work, no working vehicle, and I thought I was going to have to move within 2 weeks. Oh, and no money, either. I now have work. My car runs just fine (thank you Ken--this would not be the case without you and a host of others). I have money (okay, not rollin' in it but still! Enough to get by on and then some.) I have just moved and am glad I did. Very very glad.

I learned that God loves me in the worst times, when I am not doing so well, when everything looks hopeless. He isn't just the "good God" when things are going well; He/She is the Good God when things are falling apart. My circumstances do not change his goodness--but I have seen the opposite take place. His goodness has changed my circumstances.

I've known lots of dark hours...but this isn't one of them. I'm learning in this bright hour how to live. How to let go. How to hold on. How to love. How to rest. And those lessons are the flip side of the ones I learned in the dark hours...

Have a good weekend, and I will report on Farmer's Market with Poodle and also on Virginia the Fellow Alto's Art Show with Kathy the Cantor! And...on my Lenten Study for Sunday--can't wait to be able to post on that one!

Thank you for joining in with me--especially those who don't know me personally but have joined up. Can't do it without you!



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