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Monday, April 4, 2011

Day the 146th (Sun. 4/3) - Day 18 of 30 Days of Truth

Hey campers! Once again, let's pretend it's...Sunday...okay? Good.

Got up...earlier than planned (dang! why can't I sleep until 8?) and got ready for church and then it was off to Bagel-O-Rama for an orange-cranberry-walnut bagel with honey almond cream cheese. With a large Blackberry Jasmine iced tea. Right, you're so surprised.

I know...I'm helpless these days in the face of bagels. And they are just down the street. And they are so good--and owned and operated (the store, not the actual bagels themselves; how would one "operate" a bagel?) by my friend Scott. And then to church to choir practice (great job on the duet, Jerry J and Virginia the Fellow Alto) at 9:30 am and time to chat with Woodstock (whom we are now officially returning to his OTHER nickname "Mischa" because he is no longer wearing his hair a la Woodstock but rather longer and thank you LORD he is using product which makes his hair look wonderful and he's lookin' great in fact yesterday, except for the doggone T-shirt and I do nag his socks off about not wearing a v-necked T-shirt under his shirts, he looked perfect, okay I might rethink the socks but honestly they added a certain wit to his ensemble) and show him pictures of me as a little and not-so-little weezer...

And then to lunch with the choir and FOC (friends of choir) and I would have gone with Rack and Eric and Kathy the Cantor to this movie with friends but I was meeting my friend Louix to see this wonderful Winston Churchill documentary by the Wiesenthal Center's Moriah films and it was great. Lunch with the choir was a sandwich at Mazzios, and I'm sorry to say that although it was delicious, I am sure the contents and ingredients were suspect...doggone it. And after Louix and I saw the documentary which we loved, we went to Bill and Ruth's for a sub and I got a Reuben, although to be fair, I always tell them "light on the corned beef and heeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaavy on the sauerkraut" because we knows I loves me some cabbage...

I ate an awful lot yesterday. An awful lot...I have got to get with it...

And now...we bring you Day 18 of 30 Days of Truth with the following prompt:

What Are Your Top 3 Favorite Moments In Your Life?

This is not easy--I have had many great and wonderful moments (and tomorrow is the 3 least favorite and yes, I've had more than three of THOSE)

I'll make a list with a little--or a lot--commentary:

  1. Going to Chartwell, Winston Churchill's estate, in Kent in the UK back in 2005 in the summer. It was a moment I had waited for my entire life, and it did not disappoint. I sat on the retaining wall on the back garden and doggone it I should have brought my disc of photos so I could include a picture...and looked out over the beautiful Kentish Weald as it slopes down toward the sea. I visited with a couple who lived in the area and who had been deported to Wales as children because Kent was so heavily bombed. I also talked to a lovely older woman who visited Chartwell every time she felt "low" since the death of her husband less than a year earlier. It was a sublime moment.

  2. Finding out--and then actually hearing it as he introduced me--that Bill the Presence had referred to me as "brilliant." I mean, Bill is Brilliant (with a capital "B") and I have looked up to him ever since I was his student back in 2005 (yes, a banner year). And to have him tell people I'm brilliant, well, it's pretty doggone wonderful. I try not to think to myself, "Bill needs to get out more..."

  3. Receiving "Teacher of the Year" from the Class of '87 at the Christian School where I taught. That class was very dear to me--they still are--and it was a wonderful wonderful moment and yes, I still have the plaque (packed away.) and I'm in touch with so many of those students. It was a great moment.

There is a degree to which these were random choices--I have had many wonderful moments in my life. Trying to pick 3 would be like trying to pick my 3 favorite breaths of air. All of the good moments, great and small, have been...really good. Still, those three are very special to me. I probably should have a sign that reads, "Will work for praise and recognition..."

This evening, I post on my 3 LEAST favorite moments...what, only 3? Ah well, they are in the past, and that's a great thing.



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