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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Day the 195th

Ah, gentle Reader, how off track I was yesterday...

Didn't even talk about what I was eating or whether I was exercising. Just wah, wah, wah, I miss my friend...

Today, we're back on track although I did forget to weigh myself this morning. Freud says there are no mistakes...okay, that's not what Freud says (or said...) but I love saying it...

Yesterday, I had salad bar for lunch - marinated mushrooms and edamame. It was...okay. Not great. I need to pack my lunch. I do.

Last night, I managed to make...artichoke dip (this stuff is NOT good for you but yet I manage to make it and eat it) and had it with some very good chips.

Breakfast this morning - and get ready to shudder - was WheatThins (not so bad) with...NUTELLA. I know. If you are not familiar with Nutella, it's a chocolate-hazelnut spread that is Big Doin's in all sorts of place and yes, it's very good and yummy. And bad for me.

Lunch today is more of the artie dip with some crackers (not-so-good crackers) and I think tonight is going to least some salad of some sort. I'm slowly getting back to normal. I need to cook. I need to exercise.

And that's about it. I'm stuck in eating things I really should not eat. I find myself too tired to do better (why? because I'm eating not-so-great - it's a vicious cycle.)

I'm going to do 2 things tonight: 1) scoop the cat boxes (they will be so appreciative) and 2) make salad and salad dressing. Okay, that's 3 things, but you know what I mean. Will report back tomorrow. Might even weigh self - and if I do...get won't be pretty...

I am going to get back to eating better and I'm going to start exercising. Any baby steps will do at this point. Any. At all. Period.



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