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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Day the 193rd

No, Reader, I did not post yesterday.

There is a reason for this. Well, there is always a reason for things. We exist in a world with causality. What I mean is that there is a reasonably good reason.

I was busy mas grande yesterday. And remember, no computer yet.

'Yet' would be the operative word.

Let's talk about yesterday's busy-ness.

I came to work. Remember, it was a Monday. Always hard to come to work on Monday because we have had two (count 'em, TWO) days where we can relax in the morning and not have to get up and feed those cats and take a shower and get ready and get self to work and at desk before 8 am.

And more than that, it was a Monday where I was going in the early afternoon to the doctor's to get my prescription for my Bipolar Meds updated so I could order (in a few weeks...) the said meds from the Nice People in Canada where it is ever so much cheaper.

Appointment was at 1:30. Left at 1. Got there late. Checked in at 1:37. This was the harbinger of things to come.

Long story but I got back to the office at...are you ready...4:15 pm. That's right. 4:15 pm. Why? Because 'they' were down 2 people at the doctor's office that day (probably at home with Terminal Scunge. Either that, or lolling about on the French Riviera and trying to sound all sorts of ill and pitiful when they called in...) and it was a Mad House.

And thank goodness I brought a novel to read.

However, in the midst of all this, there is good news. In addition to getting EXACTLY the prescription I wanted (100 doses + 3 refills), I received, not the 6 weeks of samples that I was just praying I would get, but 12 weeks of samples. That's 3 months, campers. Lots of free meds.

I will be able to order the meds the second week in February. I am all sorts of excited. What REALLY excites me is that I will be able to pay off my new laptop the first week of February and then it will be mine, all mine. And I can blog at home at night. Way too much fun. I can blog SEVEN DAYS A WEEK. And I will...

But last night, after eating...nothing that I feel like discussing and YES, I bought a jar of Nutella this weekend so sue me...I went to bed and turned out the light at 8:15 pm.

Why on earth...?

Because I was tired. The emotion of going to the doctor's, discussing my condition, discussing meds, etc. was a lot for me. And I went to bed at 8:15.

I NEVER do this, and yet, I have done this 2 times in the last 2 weeks. Once when I was getting sick, and now, when I am better, but still...

Tonight, by golly, I'm staying up later, cooking, doing laundry and heaven knows what else.

No, I haven't been eating all that great. And yes, tomorrow is one of our LOVELY Weigh-In Wednesdays.

The nice thing about eating is that you can change it. Fairly easily. It's not like changing being a jerk. I keep telling myself this.

I will start posting again with funny or poignant or witty or whatever stuff. But for today, just let me say that I did color my hair this weekend (and oh did it need it) and it's Tuesday and I have not washed it since Saturday so the color can sort of sink in. This is the part I, one of the things I will be doing tonight (after working later because of the 3 1/4 hours I missed yesterday...) is washing my hair. And drying it. And styling it. Because right now, it looks sorta...not great.

And I think I will be getting my hair cut that second week in February, too...

I know...this is SO disjointed. Will try to do better tomorrow!



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