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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Day the 186th

Reader, I'm back.

It's a new year...and I'm back starting today, 5 days a week until I get my laptop and then it is every single day. As in EVERY. SINGLE. DAY.

Oh, is there much to tell.

I ate...junk out of the wazoo until I got on the scales the morning of New Year's and...gulped. Tomorrow is 2012's first Weigh-In-Wednesday, and be prepared: it isn't going to be pretty around Blog World Weltha. You heard it here first.

Changes...we've had changes...

The biggest is that I have changed churches - not for all those "I've had about enough of that hymnbook and the [Session, Board of Elders, Vestry, fill-in-the-blank]!" No, it's that the wonderful St. Jerome's is not large enough for me to find some of the kinds of involvement I have really wanted. And yes, I've waited a year from the first time I considered going elsewhere.

And why, pray tell, have I taken an entire year to make this decision?

Sentiment - I love the people, I love Bishop, I love the location, and I love St. Jerome's. I just didn't want to leave. Finally, I got it through my own head that I didn't have to 'leave people behind' - I could still see them - but I did need a larger church. Not everyone does, and I was surprised at myself. But it's a good decision, and I'm going to Trinity Episcopal, a great church.

I have friends there - Donna from a job I had some years back, Keith the English Prof, Bill the Presence, and there are more. The church building is breathtakingly beautiful, the Choir is wonderful (will I join? Not for the first 3 months...I need to catch my breath first), and the people are...simply lovely. So, I have all these great St. Jerome's friends and now, I will have these great Trinity friends.

Yes, I felt a little lost and lonely on Sunday, January 1 - even though I sat with people I already knew. Yes, it's a whole new world, and I'm leaving seeing people I know really well every Sunday and Wednesday. Yes, I'm going to have to carve out a place for myself and get to know people.

But it will be A Good Thing. I love the people of St. Jerome's, and I will be returning for events and activities. Made the decision Christmas Day and knew it was the right one. And yes, Poodle and Pearl cheered me on, knowing it wasn't easy.

Rather than post a List of Resolutions (that I can look back at in horror because I just didn't keep them), I'm going to try to post Change of the Month (and who knows? I would LOVE to post Change of the Week, but keep in mind, that's 52 changes. I would be deliriously happy with 12 changes that really took...)

And yes, I am going to update my pics. I will. Promise. I really, really will.

Meanwhile, Change of the Month for January, 2012.

Starting tomorrow (because I was off yesterday - whee! it was a holiday! - and because today started later than I wishes...), I am going to:

Do My MakeUp, Do My Hair, and Make My Bed Every Day.

This is huge, people. I work in a cube - I don't really 'need' to wear makeup or make an effort on my hair. Problem is, I just don't look put together without both of those items. And making my bed makes my whole evening better when I come home!

This week is a Work 40 Hours in Four Days week, and I'm giving myself a break from being The Perfect Eater. Not to mention the idea of getting home at 8:30 and trying to go Cold Turkey on Exercise makes me want to shudder.

I have a long way to go, people. A very long way.

Yikes, yikes, yikes.

Stay tuned for The Big Weight Shocker tomorrow, and for further Resolutions in the Life of Weltha.

Honestly, I'm tired of being on this bus and going nowhere - it's time to get my health better, my weight under control, my eating disciplined - and time to start moving forward.

To paraphrase 'Apocalypse Now' - I need to move forward with Extreme Prejudice.

Oh yeah...



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