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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Day the 190th and Weigh-In Wednesday

Oh Reader, I did not lie.

Remember I said that I would post Monday thru Friday until I get my laptop?

No, no, I don't have my laptop yet.

I was sick on Monday and Tuesday with some sort of respiratory scunge [technical term] that is going around My Town. Even as I type, I am coughing and feeling sort of...less-than-my-sparkling-best. Thus, I did not post Monday or Tuesday. Doggone it. If I had had my laptop, I would have posted from home. I would have. Yes, I would have. Despite being sicker than the proverbial canine.

But I'm much better. And I weighed this morning, and guess what? My weight is back down. Okay, I haven't eaten all that great, (as in not at all...) but thanks to not eating at all yesterday, my weight is:


It will probably be back up after a meal or two but hey! It's back down to pre-Christmas overweight at this particular moment, and this feels so very good.

And it might be the beginning of eating better. There are 2 apples with me. Okay, I had a bag of peanuts but still...the apples are there, and I'm ever pleased with myself. Of course, there is a sandwich in the fridge for lunch, but I have hardly eaten over the last day...

Plans for the next many days now include:

  • Changing out the OTHER cat box. It's a humble plan, but a much-needed one...

  • Cleaning the bathroom. It needs it.

  • Taking out lots of trash from Christmas and before (and we include our tree in this...)

  • Cleaning the kitchen

  • Cooking so I have something decent to eat in the evenings and at work.

  • Laundry. We are approaching desperation here...

  • Sorting out drawers and the closet

  • Unpacking

And on, and on...

No great meditation for today because I think the Weight News is enough...



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