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Thursday, December 15, 2011

Day the 181st and Day 15 of Advent

Reader, this one will be short.

Today, lunch was a homemade PBJ sandwich. Lo, how the mighty have fallen...

And dinner tonight? Not sure...I'm tired, is what I am, and I have a bunch of stuff to do...

Tomorrow night is Choir Outing preceeded by dinner with Dan the Stylist. Saturday night is Landlords' Christmas Party with Poodle.
Sunday is Choir practice, Church (and I'm Lector again), Choir practice after church, and then...J Edgar with Mischa and dinner afterwards...

Oh yeah, it's gonna be a busy one...meanwhile, I watched GLEE - Hold On To Sixteen - at lunch today. I love GLEE. I do...

And now...the moment you've been waiting for...Advent Meditation of the Day:


I know, this sounds so...juvenile, but recently, I had a chance to dump a friend. I had people telling me it might be a great idea. Giving me good reasons. Reminding me of how difficult life can be with some friends.

Just one problem. I love this friend. I see the things others don't. And that's in the midst of seeing some of the not-so-wonderful.

After all, this friend sees the wonderful in me in the middle of all my mess and difficulty. I appreciate that.

And it's a chance to start over, to draw the lines, to honor another person. To refuse to be devalued myself, and to refuse to devalue another.

Abuse? Get out of it. Time and energy leech? Probably not.

But someone who tries? Oh yeah, give them a chance. And another one if they need it.

We all need the chance to be The Better Person. I am sure trying these days.

So is my friend.

And the world doesn't have enough friends in it to throw a friendship away just because it's all tattered around the's worth a try. A real College Try - and if it doesn't work, then you gave it your all.

I know, I sound like a motivational speaker. But I had to make a decision.

I made it. You're my friend. You know who you are. I'm not giving up. If I lose you, I lose a lot.

I don't want to lose it. And yeah, I love you, too.



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