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Friday, November 18, 2011

Day the 165th

And here we are again.

Honestly, I wish I were writing this right before retiring at night so I could echo Samuel Pepys: "And so to bed."

But I cannot.

However, I would like to propose a song, and you'll probably recognize the tune that goes with it:

Ding, Dong, The Cheesecake's Dead....

Yes, I have finished the Cheesecake That Would Not Die. Note to Weltha: Next time you make a cheesecake, send it home with someone. Threaten, bribe, do whatever, but get it out of your refrigerator. Period.

I have no idea what I weigh. I have no desire to know at this point.

Last night, I ate the rest of my lovely White Chili With Chicken, and will be making more for my friends Matt and Travis who are my informal little dinner guests on Saturday night. I'm looking forward to this - they are great. I love their socks off them.

Meanwhile, no breakfast today and I tell you now, this is a mistake on my part. I'm buying fruit this evening so I can have breakfast every single day. Breakfast is good, and I'm all about having an all-fruit breakfast every day. Why? Because that works best for me.

And honestly, this no-exercise thing has got to go. As in today. Tonight, the doggone rebounder gets moved. I run on it. Period. World without end.

I may even try to blog this weekend. We shall see...

In other news, I have sort of woken up a great deal in the last several days. These have been trying times. (Oh, the times that try Weltha's Soul...) But that's okay. I'm tough. And some of the things that make our lives trying are not always bad things. [great. I'm talking like a kindergartner, now. "It's a Bad Thing."] Good things can bring their own stresses. Ah well...we throw out the bad and we embrace the good and we try really hard not to sound like a stupid inspirational bumper sticker...

Off to lunch with my friend LeAnna today - out to lunch it is, and I'm excited because (1) She's the BOMB, and (2) I hardly ever get to see her, and (3) We're going OUT to lunch and I hardly ever do that. COULD I have more fun? I don't think so! Anyhoodle, will report tomorrow on the where and what, etc.

And now, the Topic Of The Day [I like that. It has a certain ring to it...]:


The lovely Pyrex company is now making something with which I have fallen deeply into materialist lust. They are making these cool storage and cooking vessels that have a lovely plastic lid that goes on them.

What does this mean?

It means I can bake some nice thing and then put the ready-made lid on it. It means I can store food in GLASS and not in PLASTIC. It means I can nuke things in the micro without worrying that I'm (a) destroying expensive storage stuff or (b) putting carcinogens and toxins right into my food.

They are beautiful. Lovely colors on the lids; lovely shapes for the vessels. (I love the word 'vessel' and use it frequently.) All sorts of shapes and sizes.

And here's the kicker - there is one version with these glass lids that fit on with a silicon seal. These remind me of the square glass 'refrigerator' bowls my Mama used to have. And that I am going to purchase just as soon as I see them show up at the Thrift Store / Yard Sales / Ebay, you name it. I love them. They remind me of everything I love about being a Southern Woman. I love the South...and I'll discuss her and her glories another day.

Back to Pyrex. I love this stuff and am collecting it as if it were Mama's Good China. This is stuff you don't just give away. You don't just let people run off with it (someone did this recently but replaced it for me. Very good.) I feel like a real grown-up when I use it. It's all over the place at Wal*Mart and Target.

And Pyrex should pay me for this advertisement.

And I love Mason jars. I have 3 in which I make salad dressing. Why? Because you can put the lid on and shake it for all it's worth. I have a Great Big Wide Mouth Mason Jar that I drink out of at work (complete with a Britta pitcher to provide lovely filtered water.) One of the guys passed me the other day and said, "Every time I see that jar, I think, 'Moonshine'." Of course, it was filled with water which looked, I guess, like high-test 'shine, so that makes sense.

Anyway, I am celebrating the Glories of Glass today. How wonderful it I love to drink from glass and feel that clink against my teeth and that smoothness against my lips and I love to store things in glass and not have any stains on it...How I love the sound glass makes when it gently chimes against another piece of glass...

O Glass, Weltha hath need of thee now...

Here's to eating better and exercising more. Here's to the great life. I love it.

And I love you all.



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