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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Day the 162nd and Day 30 of 30 Days of Truth

Reader, I'm back.

And I'm better than ever.

It has been (great; I'm starting a sentence with an unreferenced 'it'; so sue me...) over 3 months since I last posted (last post: August 11, 2011.)

Have I eaten right? At times. At other times, I have eaten anything that wouldn't run off. Okay, it hasn't been quite that bad...really, not at all.

Have I lost weight? A little. Mostly when I have been upset. And that's never a great time to lose weight. Or a great way to lose it.

You're thinking (please, God, let them be thinking...) that this all doesn't sound so great. Well, the voyage has had its moments, but I'm here in port. Yes, another Royal Navy allusion. Deal with it. I'm a woman who is madly in love with the Royal Navy at the Time of Nelson. It happens. I'm not your typical woman.

What all has happened since I last posted?

  1. I had the Rest O' My Stuff moved in to my apartment from my storage unit. I have everything. This is it.

  2. I've been entertaining like I'm making up for time (I am.) Individual guests, couples, a last-minute-decided-to-come-and-showed-up ( me first, oh wait, you're probably not going to be invited again anyway...), and finally, a dinner party last Saturday night. Or, I should say 'Dinner Party For Six.' Oh yeah, it was a big deal.

  3. Realized that Poodle is indeed my BFF. The BFF of my life. World without end. Amen. You spoke, I listened, I acted. I love you.

  4. Have allowed something to start dying. No, not a pet or even a plant. Just something that needed to die. Making the decision - very painful. But like most things, the anticipation was worse. The actual doing was a relief. Ever have to let something die? Yeah, me too. Actually, I'm glad. And 3 of you helped in the decision...many, many thanks.

  5. Allowed something to start. I call it "No Harm, No Foul." Yes, I could be more cryptic if you'd like, but the people reading it who know what I mean...well, they know what I mean. I like that. This is a good thing and like #4, took a wee bit (a big ol' bunch) of courage...but that's me these days. Nothing if not courageous...

  6. Figured out that it's time to do stuff, go places, make plans, and generally get after it. I'm all over that. I'm going to England in the next 2 years by golly - alone or with someone - but I'm going. I miss The Land of My Fathers. And Mothers. Note to self: visit the RAF Chapel at Westminster; Cabinet War Rooms; Blenheim (again); Bladon churchyard; Chartwell (again); Capel-le-Ferne; Portsmouth and the Victory; St. Paul's.

  7. And last, it's time to lose the rest of this weight. I weigh somewhere between 218 and 222 most days. I do not like this. I'm not a Big-Boned Farm Girl From The Home State. I'm a fine-boned girl who has never lived on a farm. And I'm carrying way too much. I don't like it. I don't like that I don't yet look like I need to and feel like I need to. But that's what I love about losing weight - it's a doable thing. It's not like dealing with drug use or alcoholism or heaven knows what else. It's a doable thing. I'm going to do it.

  8. Am keeping Pearl's cat while she's on vacay...this is interesting with Mimsey and Horatius, the Wonder Cats. Nonetheless, we gave a little stranger a home for a few days. This is a good thing. Happy to do it. Pearl - I listen to you. I love you.

Here's the plan:

  1. It's time to get that *(@&% rebounder where I can use it and....start using it. I love it. It makes me feel good. And it will be all to the good for my blood pressure, etc. And weight. And lymph system.

  2. I am falling madly in love again with salad. I love me a green salad made with one of the Two Signature Dressings. And there is always Balsamic Vinaigrette made right on the spot (mix equal amts of Extra Virgin Olive Oil [it's not EVOO to me; Rachel Ray is too fatuous for words in my book...] and Balsamic Vinegar. Press in a clove of garlic. Maybe add some cool herbs and spices. Shake like (%T*@!. That would be it)

  3. Walking and running along the River. I don't live that far away.

  4. Writing this blog every doggone day whether it's convenient or not. Enough is enough. And post this thing so people can see it.

I've been getting into White Bean Chili with Chicken (or Tofu...) in a major way because it's getting mighty cool here in My Town. I love it. I love it nice and spicy. And the lentil-balsamic onion-roasted beet salad. So delicious. I love to eat. I'm tired of being fat. Really tired of it.

I also decided to start making my bed every day (because I want to) and wearing make-up again every day. Just because I work in a cubicle does not mean I need to feel less than gorgeous. I have decided I'm still beautiful, and when I can get new pix, I'm posting them. You can agree or not - I don't much care. I'm lovely, and I know it.

And I'm pursuing some things I want to pursue for my future. More on this another time. I'm not tipping my hand. Yet.

Lunch today - because our work cafeteria closed for a season to update it and I got back into bringing my own favorite food - will be the lentil-onion-beet salad and some baba ghanoush and 2 rolls. Which got overcooked, bless their little hearts.

Tonight, I'm cooking for this week. I love to cook. Tomorrow night is Vespers (we have this now. It's great) and then Choir @ 6:30 for the WOMEN because... because we're entering Advent and have to practice our Special Music. I'm all over that.

And I'll be posting some cool things soon.

And now....the moment you've been waiting for: Day 30 of 30 Days Of Truth.

Today's prompt:


This is so easy - I love writing this, and readers, a couple of you will recognize yourselves. Thank you. A whole big bunch.

  1. "Your real friends make you feel good after you've talked to them or hung out with them at least 95% of the time. If it dips lower than that, you need to question just how good and real they are in your life." I heard that. I questioned. I came up with an answer. I'm acting. (because I'm not an idiot and I'm not going to act like one.)

  2. "This thing is poison and I don't want you to go back." I heard, I agreed, and I'm not going back. Thank you, queridisimo. We swore eternal loyalty and truth. In it 'til the end.

  3. "You have The Call." Got it. Heard it. Changed some things. Planning to change some more. Moving in that direction. [either you know what I mean, can guess what I mean, or are thinking, "Huh?" It's all good...]
Thank you all for rejoining me. In it to the end. To 365 Days. Even if they weren't continuous...


Weltha (who has got her mojo back on...)

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