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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Day the 163rd

Reader, I have a plan.

In addition to boring the hair off your head with my blah-de-blah-de-blah recital of what I ate, what I weigh, why I don't seem to exercise, why bagels are singing their siren song to me, I am going to give, each day, free of charge, one of the Opinions of Weltha because let's face it. The world does not get enough Weltha in it. Some of you agree about this. Good for you. [Warning: Ego Alert]

But first, the matter at hand. I'm cleaning up from my dinner party - you know, cleaning up those yummy leftovers and doggone it, I like to eat.

So last night, although I planned to make White Chili With Chicken and also make Julie's Coleslaw, I ended up eating a chocolate bar that was supposed to last days [okay, it was good quality chocolate with organic sweetener. Right. So good for me. Keep hummin' that tune, Weltha...], followed by the rest of the Artichoke Dip (not much) and the rest of the Hummus (again, not much.) And a slice of the Pumpkin Cheesecake.

Because I was on the phone with one of my favorite correspondents and you know who you are. Sorry, little blogglings, but when I'm being adored long distance, I drop everything and focus.

And this morning, what did I have for breakfast but the rest of the Sweet Potato Chips and the Mango-Cranberry Salsa. I wish I could claim to have made these, but I bought them. Maybe at Wal*Mart, but who cares? They were incredible. Am now looking for a Mango-Cranberry Salsa recipe online. And I'm convinced I can make Sweet Potato Chips. I mean, how hard would this be?

No, not a great breakfast - I should be eating fresh fruit. BUT, the small amount of each is now out of my refrigerator (the salsa; I have better sense than to put potato chips in the icebox...)

And lunch today will be...Lentil-Balsamic Onion-Roasted Beet & Pan-Seared Carrot Salad. Yes, I made it. Yes, it's great. Oh, and some of the rolls, bless their overcooked hearts. And a slice of the Cheesecake. Because I made it. Because it's wonderful. Because it's my precious...

And then right after work, off I race to Vespers [because it's a WEDNESDAY] and then Choir Practice, but I get out early because I start early. So...home by 8:15 and then I cook, cook, cook.

That's the plan. And I'll fill you in on the outcome...tomorrow. Meanwhile...

Today's Topic for Weltha's Opinions:


I like men. I feel like Sancho Panza singing about Don Quijote in "Man of La Mancha": "I like him...I really like him." Well, make that "them" and you've got it.

I don't mean I'm simply attracted to men ("like that") although I am. Its that I genuinely like men. And their being men. They do it so well...

Here's what I like:

  1. They tend to talk about history and war. I am deeply interested in those two particularly but not limited to: The Battle of Trafalgar; The Battle of Britain; World War II in its entirety; German High Command in WWII; Monty; Winston....well, you get the idea.

  2. Some of them have been in one of the services. Or as I like to say "The Service." Men who have been in the service have a sort of macho swagger and self-confidence that appeals to me. I want to be one of them. I want to do all the cool boy things they do.

  3. They tend to be protective of me. I cannot emphasize this enough. My motto is that if you're a man and you're not prepared to sort of adore me, then there's the door and don't let the doorknob hit you in the backside on the way out. Unless you're into that kind of thing.[This from Poodle. His comment. I love it.]

  4. They don't worry what other people are thinking and saying about them, unlike women. Unlike this women who has to be on guard with this sort of nonsense day after day.

  5. They are very good at toting around heavy things and will do it upon request. Especially when I make my eyes really big and round and say, "I just can't lift that. Could you possibly....?" I really think one reason God put men on earth is to lift heavy things. For me.

  6. Their voices tend to get all sweet and mushy when they are talking to me. I like that, too. They don't have to be potential boyfriends or even attracted to women. Please see #3.

  7. There is something so no-nonsense about them. Well, about most of them. The ones I like have this really astringent, no-nonsense thing going on.

I suppose I could list the things about men that I don't like but then the men in my life I do like don't do the things I don't like.

Not if they want to remain the men in my life.

Here's to all my men. I love you all, every one. You are my Band of Happy Few...




  1. regarding men:
    also, that inexplicable knowledge of how to set up anything with cords, cables, and wires!

  2. SonnettXVII - Shakespeare? It's you, right, dahlin'?

    Yes, that's another of my favorite abilities of men...


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