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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Day the 159th and Day 27 of 30 Days of Truth

And she's back, Campers...

Let's see - what do you want to know? Why of course, you want to know what I ate last night, this morning, and what I am eating EVEN AS I TYPE (well, kindof-ish...) for lunch today.

Last night - you know what? This heat is getting to me and we had both 107 degrees (or this stage, it's hard to tell) and a low pressure system leading to an all-too-brief thunderstorm. So I was beat. I had finished yesterday's blog post, posted it on BOTH of my FB pages, and was finally home in the cool.

So I had popcorn WITH REAL BUTTER AND PARMESAN yes, I know, don't sue me...and some potato chips (which I never buy but happened to have...long story...) and this wonderful mango-peach herbal iced tea that I make, sweetened with my new BFF Stevia...No fruits. No vegetables (unless you count popped corn and the potatoes in the chips as veg...). No exercise...unless you count yapping with Poodle on the horn as exercise which I think it should be - exercise for the mouth, the mind and the heart, not to mention a major workout for the funny bone.

But I digress. Anyhoodle, this morning I indulged ONE MORE TIME in a bagel at Old School. Fairly soon, I'll only be going in for bagels on Sunday morning but lest Scott the Bagelman think I'm snubbing his establishment and taking my custom elsewhere, I will probably go in for either the Blackberry-Jasmine iced tea (remember it? "Panther Pee"? Little cup of heaven? bells ringing????) or the wonderful new love o' mine, Orange Blossom Ginger which wakes me up and which Mischa says is marginally better than Panther Pee. He no likee eithah wahn, mon...

but back to my food story - I had an Everything bagel heated with garlic-herb cream cheese (because me likee the savory in the wonder why me -talkin' pidgen but me gonna go wit' it...)

And now luncheon is Fage Greek yogurt with honey, almond butter (missed those posts, didn't you?), "raw" almonds, and fresh raspberries. I am soft on all things raspberry and think the most sophisticated pairing with dark chocolate is the elegant and pungent raspberry. Yes, today's lunch is delicious, has protein, has calcium, has fruit, and I am lovin' it. Okay, it's not Red Beans and Rice at the Alpine in the Quahtah in Nawlins (dahlin'), but then what is? (other than red beans & rice, etc., etc.)

Tonight - if I can muster the energy, I am going to make that baba ghanoush because I need some. And maybe some homemade pita bread (this is not hard. Not hard at all.) And maybe have some green beans and some carrots - deliciously steamed with some sort of something on them. And I have the makings for wonderful homemade potato salad AND for coleslaw. IF I can get the energy together...cross your fingers, sports fans. Please.

And now, we move to Day 27 of 30 Days Of Truth. And the prompt is:

What Reasonably Affordable Luxuries Are Calling Your Name And What Would You Do With Them?

I'm not talking about my own personal of my brothers had a friend who ACTUALLY owned one (because he could) and it was a misery to him because EVERY time he took it out, people driving by were so stunned that it WAS a Lamborghini that they stopped watching what they were doing and drifted in their cars too close to it and he was always nervous about getting hit.

And I'm not talking about a villa on the Cote D'Azur in France (unless you know some really great single guy who wants to get married, is a Christian in an Anglican sort of way, loves movies, and has a villa on the Cote D'Azur...then I'm your girl) or a 21-room apartment overlooking Central Park in NYC...just things I want that are not even remotely necessary in life but

  1. A BOSE Radio & CD Player - I'm really funny about music. Sometimes, I cannot stand one more piece of auditory stimulation and other times...I am lonely and homesick for the stuff I love. Right now, I am listening to Amy Winehouse again because I loved her, I was pulling for her, and her death made me sad. BUT, I also want one of these because the music just fills the room, and that will be perfect this winter on a cold weekend night when we have rainstorms complete with thunder and lightening, and I can listen to Rachmaninoff's 2nd Piano Concerto, which I consider perfect music for a dark and stormy night...complete with lit candles and a kerosene lamp...and me reclining on my chaise longue with my silk coverlet...feeling distant and distracted and vaguely Parisian with a little Eastern-European thrown in, oh yeah...

  2. A Full-Size Keyboard - all right, I would really like a Steinway grand but to be remotely reasonable, I would love a really great keyboard that is full size and would sound like...wait for it...a piano. With pedals. I want to start playing again - lots of Rachmaninoff (not the "Rach 3" - I'm a dreamer, not delusional), lots of Chopin and Mendelsohn and Schumann and Schubert. And a few others. I am a classical girl, playing the great Romantics...and I need to practice.

  3. A Microscope - I am a science girl, too. My dad taught science, I was a biology major, and I actually had a child's microscope. I have found one online for - get this - $179 with 3 lenses AND I can get an oil immersion lens for not-too-much. If you don't know what one is, it's hard to explain. Still...I love looking at stuff under the microscope. I miss it. I could have one. I could. I really could.

  4. A Telescope - my dad had a group of student astronomers he called The Stargazers and I once wrote an essay about him called "Stargazer." Years ago, I had a chance to look through a really good microscope and saw the rings of Saturn and the surface of the moon. I loved it. I want to do it again. I want the best one I can afford. I'm sorta like the girl in "A Walk to Remember." Without the terminal illness.

  5. A Widescreen HDTV Television - I want one. Not the big jumbo variety - just one bigger than the tube I have (which is not HDTV) that I can mount on the wall and turn in 2 directions to either watch in my bedroom or watch with friends to see a movie. I have some ideas on this...oh, and a Blu-Ray Player for obvious reasons.

I know that some of you TRY to post and this thing won't let you - but I would love to see posts on either food (oh dang, that's what this blog is ABOUT) or your reasonable luxuries. Or at least posts on my FB page(s) when I post this online.

Thanks for hoppin' back on board The Big Bus To Skinny Weltha Let's Call It What It Is.



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  1. Hi There Weltha..

    Wow, love reading your blog...
    you should write books.. fantastic talent you have for putting words together..
    Keep up the great work
    It is all coming your way...
    Lizzy X


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